Core Strength

  1. SLEEP DEPRIVED: We Insomniacs have developed an excellent night eye vision with time. Our sensors are tuned such that all the best ideas come up after the sun set. With Insomniacs, you will never get lost in the dark!
  2. SOOTHSAYER: We anticipate what Google search algorithm would be even before they execute it.
  3. SHUDH VYAPARI: People make friends on Facebook, we make money!
  4. KHILADI: The rate of us making trending topics on Facebook is higher than the rate of Sachin’s sixes.
  5. EK NUMBER: The last ad which you wanted to skip on YouTube but didn’t have the heart to, was probably ours.
  6. ELEMENTARY (my dear Watson!): Hashtags make us very happy. #Happy
  7. ORNITHOLOGIST: To SMS our colleagues we use Twitter.
  8. LINKED – in falls shy against our professionalism.