Arjun Sky Life


The Arjun Group has been present in Ahmedabad for the past two decades, proud of the achievements they have built themselves on. The Arjun Sky Life Project is a joint venture of Sahjanand Group and Arjun Group that comprises of 3 & 4 luxurious BHK apartments where anyone interested in a quality lifestyle can join in.


Even though the Arjun Group brand had been set up two decades ago, they had a very basic design when it came to setting up the website design. Arjun Sky Life’s website was no different, lacking an attractive appeal to its nature.

Arjun Sky Life had only set up a Facebook account for their page, barely maintaining it with posts to keep their audience engaged. They also didn’t have any presence over other social networking platforms.

With no social media presence over digital platforms, there were no digital assets like creatives, hashtags, etc. for the brand to use over social networking platforms.

Arjun Sky Life was unable to generate any leads for their social media pages, owing to their lack of presence and digital assets.


We took over the brand and built it up from scratch, which included renovating their website and spreading their presence over social networking platforms.

We dedicate our time into coming up with improved ways to establish Arjun Sky Life’s identity over digital platforms like Facebook and Twitter to distinguish them from other real estate brands.

We generated landing pages over the Internet leading to the brand so as to rope in customers for the goal of converting them to our brand.

We came up with a set of creatives that advertised about the amenities present at Arjun Sky Life. Alongside that, we created the digital asset of #LivetheNew where we encouraged customers to start their new life with the brand.


Arjun Group and Sahjanand Group


Arjun Sky Life


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