Raunak Group is one of the leading real estate developers based in Mumbai that was established in the year 1980, catering to the housing needs of Mumbai, Pune, Kalyan and Thane ever since. The brand prides itself on exceeding expectations by providing homes that are superior in terms of construction and service while maintaining an affordable level of prices for their target group.


Demonetization has definitely affected one and all and the real estate sector is no exception. However more than the economy it is the rumours that have affected the market. It would not be exaggeration to say that at one point there were more rumours than unsold inventory with the builders.

Raunak Group is an established brand in Mumbai and known for their affordable housing segment. They were also struggling through the after-effects of demonetization. They recognized the problem as clarity – no consumer hardly had any clarity and nor did they have a trusted source that they could turn to. The developers were sitting with folded hands waiting for buyers to knock their doors while the unsold inventory had become a huge cause of worry.

We decided to take action and convert this situation in to an opportunity. We all believed that this was the optimal time to send across a strong message and set straight the realities of the realty market. This was the opportune moment for creating a mass moment for consumers towards their dream homes. The idea was to emerge out of the rumors and make people believe in the offers instead of just rotating advertisements in the market. When the market hit rock bottom, getting people to visit the project sites was a herculean task in itself. Thus the “Darr Ke Aage Ghar Hai” campaign was created.

The challenge was to understand things from consumer’s perspective. The campaign was supposed to bring to light the many fears that home-buyers face today. “Darr Ke Aage Ghar Hai” would engage the masses on social media and dispel these fears, systematically and ultimately. One of the major fear – inducing problems the customers faced during demonetization was the prolonged delay in possession. Raunak Group with our assistance aimed to successfully resolving this and many other issues with the campaign.


It all began with ground research. We asked people regarding the hesitations and problems faced by them while buying a property. The research concluded 26 primary fears that the customers had at that point which made them diffident when it came to buying their dream home. Thus we now knew the fears our customers faced. Hence, the financial offering was devised to ensure their fears were eliminated in all aspects. Our message was further communicated with the product offering and the benefit Raunak Group possessed with respect to location and price.

The campaign was launched on January 19, 2017. It was commenced on ground and on multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The campaign ended on March 31, 2017. During this time activations were done at both Kalyan and Thane that invited people over to share their fears. Hindustan Times was roped in to create activations on ground with a Snake and Ladder activity over the fears of home buying. The winners were awarded special discount vouchers. At the project site installations, keys were hidden behind barbed wires for every customer who wished to book their home.

The objective of the activity was to get hold of the key to their dream home. While online, a micro site ‘A2Z of Darr’ was created which highlighted various home buying fears of a customer, providing detailed solutions for each and every problem. We conducted surveys over digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, inquiring about the various fears that the average home buying customer faced when it came to buying their dream home. We replied over email to each and every query, extending the offer we had to the customers who expressed their fears. We traveled to the Thane Property Expo where we conducted the same survey at the exhibition itself. One of the responses we received went viral over social media, earning the nickname of #GharKaDarr that trended across the nation, thereby reaching out to over 7 lakh individuals online. The respondent was further interviewed after he bought his house at one of the Raunak Group projects.

Thus the campaign was immensely successful. The sale of inventory was recorded the highest by any real estate group. The customer’s issues were resolved when Raunak Group arrived on the scene, prompting Twitter to go viral with #ThankYouRaunakGroup that reached out to over 5 lakh people online. Raunak Group sold inventory worth 50 crore for 1.23% marketing cost. The total inventory sold was 130 flats. A total of 2433 Leads created at a cost of 491 per lead, reducing the CPL by 55% than projected.


Due to the huge success of the #DarrKeAageGharHai campaign, over 131 flats were sold within Raunak City at Kalyan, Raunak Group’s township project.
The campaign helped in the sale of inventory worth 50+ crores, amounting to one of the biggest sales ever made by the real estate developer.


Raunak Group


Darr Ke Aage Ghar Hai


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