Realty Digital War


Today in the age of Information, the overused traditional media like radio, outdoor, television and print is rapidly losing its place. With the increase of players in the market, advertisers relying on the traditional media are not getting the optimum utility of their resources.

This is where the Digital Media came as the absolute game changer for the Real Estate Fraternity. As the most efficient mode of advertising, and long adapted by our First World equivalents. India followed suit with metro cities like New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai picking up digital media to reach their targeted audience and to drive sales. Yet, there are still several 2 tier cities that are yet to understand the benefits of Digital Media.


We created Realty Digi War from the start, bringing it up from scratch as the extension of Realty Plus Excellence Awards.

Our main objective with Realty Digi War was to gather the major real estate players present within the industry and educate them on the role that digital media plays in the business.

For this same purpose, we turned Realty Digi War into an on-field event where people from the industry could walk in and attend the spectacle for themselves.

In order to bring in as many professionals and business people as possible, we partnered up with Google along with GIHED and other major real estate players in order to guarantee maximum participation.

With all the efforts that we put in for Realty Digi War, the event turned out to be a major success with tons of people present to attend the event, changing the way real estate business is conducted.




Realty Digi War


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