Be Insomniacs

Remember the bunch of back-benchers in your class? The ones who secretly slipped a firecracker under the professor’s chair? Yes, that’s us. We are the brave backbenchers who weren’t scared to change the rules because we believed in playing by our rules. The restless bunch who organized the fests and competitions, the silent observers of ‘human behaviour'. When you, the frontbenchers, were busy drooling at the blackboard, we were sitting there in the shadows, planning out little “impossible ideas”. Like Bill Gates said, “Choose a lazy person to do a hard job because that person will find an easy way to do it."

Being Indians, we love quality and quantity. Get the hint? So, if you feel you have the potential or the capability of being one of the Bill Gate’s minions, we promise you that you are going to be fruitful for the team. ‘Insomniacs’ also ensures that all you lazy minions are going to be turned into one of the most hardworking ‘generation Y’ folks that your parents dreamt about.

We believe that only a healthy ratio of dreamers and realists can get the engines turning. Insomniacs is always looking out for warriors to defend our World of Wide Web, so if you feel like you have the mental and the physical strength to ‘dream on’ and carry on, then you are going to be welcomed with a drum roll or maybe a glass of ‘chai’, ‘cigarettes’ and Aerosmith.

Also, it is necessary that you should make peace with the disorder called Insomnia; it has always proved to be helpful for us and that is probably why our clients are in love with us.

Apply Now, and may the Force be with you!