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5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Survive in Covid-19 Crisis

Posted on 5 October, 2020

COVID-19 has been proven to be the biggest hit that businesses have taken in recent years. The news is full of businesses taking drastic measures to cut down the cost of operation during this pandemic. But one of the biggest mistakes that businesses are making during this time is to cut back on marketing when marketing could be the saving grace for their business. Digital marketing companies in Mumbai could help your business transform and have better connections with the consumers right now. So what digital marketing solutions are proposed by a digital marketing company in Mumbai? Let us have a look.

5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Survive in Covid-19 Crisis

1. Move your operations online.

We don’t mean you shut down the physical office and completely exist in the online realm. A digital marketing company in Mumbai suggests every business make online business a big part of their business and integrate them into their daily normal operations. If real estate can have an online presence any business can have an online presence. People are stuck in their homes during this pandemic and are scared to step out. Your physical business place won’t be of much help during this pandemic. Making a move towards a more online oriented business could help your business survive this pandemic. It is also cheaper to advertise online and you could reach a very wide audience right now.

2. Increase your customer relations.

Digital marketing companies in Mumbai could help you set up an online email newsletter to reach out to your customers during this pandemic. The newsletter should focus on how you have changed your business practices to better accommodate for the customers. The customers who already were your patrons would develop confidence in your business and would still purchase your goods and services during this lockdown phase. Digital marketing companies in Mumbai would make it easy for you to reach your consumers and let them know about the changes.

3. Make a PPC campaign.

One of the best marketing campaigns with the highest return on investment is to pay per click advertising campaigns. A Digital marketing company in Mumbai has been using them since its inception. It is a perfect marketing model where you pay for what you receive. If your advertisement gets 10 clicks per day and even 1 of them turns into a sale you have earned more than what it would have cost you to run the campaign. The PPC campaign is one the fastest ways you could see results of any digital marketing campaign you choose to start.

4. Promote items for home use.

You must have seen a post going around on social media that says something along the lines of “I will remember the people who stood by me during tough times” COVID-19 is a tough time for every human being on a planet. If you show you care by coming up with items that could help them stay safe or help them cope during this lockdown you are looking at a lifetime patron for your business. A social media marketing company in Mumbai could help you reach out to people using social media where everyone is trying to socialize amid this lockdown.

5. Retargeting.

Your ex-customers are one of the best ways you could make sure that you survive this economic situation. Facebook and Google have tools that could help you by retargeting people who have visited your website or have searched certain things on your website.

Digital marketing companies in Mumbai are well versed in retargeting campaigns and could help you optimize the retargeting campaign or run the campaign on your behalf.

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