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5 Small Ways to Boost SEO Rankings

Posted on 30 November, 2020

SEO has a reputation for being slow and unreliable when it comes to marketing your business digitally. But there are no second doubts about it not working. The consensus of everyone who has hired a digital marketing firm to get SEO done to their website agrees that after SEO they witnessed tremendous growth in their website’s traffic. You might be interested in increasing your website traffic as well. We share with you five small steps that you could take to get a boost in the ranking of your website or May take help from the SEO Company in Mumbai. These steps might even help you generate more traffic on your website.

5 Small Ways to Boost SEO Rankings

1. Structured content.

Your page is also ranked on how long your visitors decide to stay on your website. Of all the ways that you can make sure that the users don’t click off your website is to provide them with good data. You are not just making your content easier to read but also helping the bots from Google who determine where you should be ranked in the search engine results. Using keywords helps Google to see what your article is talking about and clicks would help them determine how relevant it is. You should also not stuff your article with keywords or else it feels unnatural to read.

2. Make sure your links aren’t broken.

One of the best ways that you can disappoint both your readers and Google (If you are looking to make them upset) is by using links in your article that lead to dead pages. If you have told the reader that they can find more information on a certain link and that leads to nowhere, your reader will be disappointed because of the bad user experience. For someone who is just learning about your website, it can lead to them developing a distrust of your brand. If your website is using broken links chances are they have a bad engagement time which tells Google your article is not what it claims to be. Google will prefer other websites with a low bounce rate over your article if this happens.

3. Play around with your metadata.

Your metadata is not related to the content you put on your website but it helps a great deal with your SEO. You can make your Meta description compelling so that the user has to click on the link to your article. The title of your article and Meta description work in tandem to lure users to your website. Just having your Metadata carefully planned under your link can help you get higher traffic. You can give them a small excerpt from your article or tell them what the article is about to help people click your article.

4. Update your older articles.

For digital marketing, you need to have efficiency in your strategy no matter what kind of digital marketing you are doing. You don’t need to write new articles if you already frequently if you already have articles published on your website. You can add some points and make them newer and publish them on a later date. To be clear, you don’t even need to create a new post, you can just change the publish date of the post to be the date that you publish it again.

5. Prioritize your content.

The biggest downer for any user is the filthy amount of ads articles have. If your article has a lot of ads it is more than likely that your customers are put off and just run away from your website. It is extremely tempting to litter your website with ads to get paid by Google or run ads for your product on the website but the repercussions aren’t worth it. You’ll end up losing more than your gaining and that loss surpasses your SEO ranking.

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