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5 Step Process to Create a PPC Strategy

Posted on 21 December, 2020

For an effective digital marketing campaign, you need to have a PPC campaign as part of your digital marketing strategy. A PPC campaign not only helps you generate leads but also helps you find a strong foothold in the market s a leader in your business. But how do you run a PPC campaign that is guaranteed to get you returns? Simply, you hire a PPC company in Mumbai that is experienced and specializes in conceiving a PPC campaign for various businesses. How does a PPC company in Mumbai come up with the strategy to run a PPC campaign for your business? Let us have look

5 Step Process to Create a PPC Strategy

Step 1: setting goals within the constraints of the budget.

This is the first step taken by PPC Company in Mumbai to come up with a PPC strategy that converts. This step is taken so that they don’t waste unnecessary resources and keep track of their spending on Google ads. PPC Company in Mumbai uses similar strategies to marketing strategies used to build your business’s brand awareness. PPC Company in Mumbai understands that different businesses will require different strategies to succeed. They make sure that your current marketing goals are in line with your PPC campaign. For example, if your company is looking to increase the traffic for the year they design the PPC campaign accordingly. They also pay a secondary focus on your paid advertising campaign so that they can run both of the campaigns simultaneously. You must think to yourself that you already get enough traffic from various keywords. The good news is you can keep these keywords off from your radar when you run the PPC campaign. Having a PPC campaign that helps your SEO efforts and is run with a clear goal in your mind is important.

Step 2: do research on your competitors.

PPC Company in Mumbai will do deep research into your competition to get a better understanding of how your competitors are running their PPC campaign so that you maximize your returns. PPC Company in Mumbai will look for your paid search competitors and come up with ideas to counteract them. The research will also tell you how much work you need to put in to help yourself grow. How does PPC Company in Mumbai do competitor paid ad research? They use a few different ways but if you already have keywords that you want to focus on you can start by searching those keywords on Google to see what results turn up.

Step 3: decide on keywords to run your PPC campaign.

The research is done by PPC Company in Mumbai to understand the demand of keywords and if your competitors are already using those keywords. Keywords are your weapon that you need to create to compete in the market. For maximum return on investments targeting good keywords is crucial. If you decide to use the wrong keywords you might as well be wasting your money. Let PPC Company in Mumbai come up with keywords that you can use and focus on them and run your PPC campaign focused on those keywords.

Step 4: building structure to your Google ad

You would need to define your campaign and come up with a structure to group all the keywords PPC Company in Mumbai Is using to run the campaign. You will be setting a budget for PPC Company in Mumbai to adhere to for a group of keywords. Once you have the ad campaigns defined by multiple ad groups and the actions you want potential customers to take once they click-through, you can begin creating your text ads.

Step 5: creating content with a high click-through rate.

This is the most important step for you to take if you want a PPC campaign with high conversion. Ad content needs to be effective to generate a high click through to get a good return on investments. You can run your ads on certain keywords by paying Google to run your ads on those keywords. But if you fail to get the people to click-through due to poor content, money spent on those ad is wasted.

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