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6 Real Estate Video Marketing Tips that Actually Work

Posted on 8 February, 2021

Video marketing is the new buzz word for every business. As it is with the new kid on the block, many claim to know him but only a few know about him. Video marketing has become so popular among businesses because it works. No marketing company would spend their resources on something that doesn’t work. Some would argue that it works a bit too well. Even bad video could help you get the desired effect you want. The video marketing strategy has worked the best for real estate more than any other business. You could give a whole tour of the property you are looking to sell and could get extremely qualified leads for your property. Here are 6 video marketing tips that would work for real estate businesses and reasons for how real estate digital marketing agencies work.

6 Real Estate Video Marketing Tips that Actually Work

1. Invest your time into planning out the video.

If you want to sell your real estate and are planning to make a video to sell it you need to start on the right foot. You cannot be hasty with the product or else the finished product would feel half baked. Keep in mind that good real estate video marketing requires you to effectively plan out your video content. Question yourself about how you want the video to flow? How the addition of certain elements could emphasize the key point of the property.

2. Build a deeper connection.

When you decide to go with the video marketing campaign you should understand the power moving images have over static images. You can create videos with a bunch of pictures but would it leave a long-lasting impact that video will? With videos, you can convey a vision that you cannot with photos. This is something you can use to your advantage to build a stronger, much deeper connection with your prospects.

3. Introduce a human element.

When someone buys a home, it is an experience that takes very personally. It’s different than buying something off the store. Here, you have to respect your prospect's preferences throughout your video. Being human instead of appearing as a business that only cares about profits is important. The last thing you want is your prospects to feel like you are “selling” them. You need to have a perfect pitch for your property or else the sale could go south real soon.

4. Use different tech.

Making a video doesn’t need to be boring. Professional camera kits come with various lenses that could make the property you are trying to sell pop out. You could also use a 360-degree video to save yourself the time and money you would spend in making the video while giving the viewer the best estimate of the property from a point within the property. You are giving them a virtual tour of the property when you use a 360-degree camera and the viewer is free to view things and find things they find interesting around the property while you could be talking about the property in a voice-over.

5. Use testimonials.

If you have a business website, you may already have some written testimonials from your clients, which is great. However, there’s something about video-based testimonials that makes them stand out. They simply make a stronger impact. Video testimonials only work when they come from pleased clients. So if you want to have a constant flow of such video testimonials coming your way, you should treat all your clients in the best possible way as soon as the deal is signed.

6. Keep it short.

As a real estate broker, you could make a feature-length movie about the property you are trying to sell but you need to understand that your buyers don’t have the chance. Make a short powerful pitch that will gain the attention of the buyers. Short videos trying to sell people things do much better than something that is like a short movie.

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