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6 Ways That Helps Your Brand Stand Out On Social Media

Posted on 10 October, 2018

With a large number of individuals and organizations present in the ever-dynamic social media world, it may very well be a little overwhelming to think of approaches to cut through all the noise. On the other hand, the answers are right in front of our faces, and no, you do not really require a viral hit to stand out.

6 Ways That Helps Your Brand Stand Out On Social Media

In this post, we will go over a few examples on how you can make your business stand out on social media which you might or might have overlooked.

Use Your Brand Voice

One of the quickest and most effortless approaches in enabling your business to stand out on social media is to act naturally.

Simple, is not it? In spite of the fact that nailing your brand voice can be an incredible procedure, it will enable you to stand out from the opposition, and thus, pull in the right followers to your social channels.

Theme Your Accounts

Applying a theme to your accounts is an extraordinary method to boost your presence, particularly on Instagram. Basically, the concept implies adhering to a particular colour palette or approach, utilizing similar filters and such to make an unmistakable look and feel.


Themed accounts are visually satisfying, sets the mindset for your followers, and mirror your brand’s experience or current mood.

Themes can likewise change and vacillate, which is completely fine.

Use Strong Visuals

A decent, basic approach towards enabling your business to stand out on social media is to use solid visuals.

Keep pictures and video as clear as you can while maintaining a high quality upload. Having the capacity to convey your branding and mirror the vibe of your brand through imaging can be key to drawing in and holding followers.

Tell A Story/Write Compelling Captions

Combine the components we just went over, i.e. solid visuals, a theme, your brand voice, and utilize these tools to tell your brand story. What is more, the manner in which you tell your brand story can add more context to your visuals with captions.

Make an attempt to make your captions convincing, while at the same time, adding value to your audience. Keep in mind that the fact of the matter is to connect with your audience, so try creating discussions rather than simply addressing them.

Create Recurring Posts/Events

One of the best approaches to brand your business or make your business stand out on social media is to make a recurring post or event.

You could host a weekly Q and A live stream on your personal preference, or offer a weekly tip, or make a "best of the week" slideshow.

The key is to make something that keeps fans returning, week after week.

This strategy can be outstanding amongst other approaches to get creative, interface with your audience, add value into the mix, and even demonstrate a little identity.

Have A Strategy In Place

Well having a strategy will give you direction for substance, and save time to get innovative. A strategy will guarantee your team is on the same page and that nothing is becoming lost despite a general sense of vigilance. You will be completely arranged for what is coming up, and you will have room schedule-wise to substance out innovative and successful approaches to get the word out and make magnificent substance to help your initiatives.

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