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9 Reasons Why Real Estate Social Media Marketing is Used?

Posted on 11 Nov, 2022

Social media marketing came into existence with the idea of connecting people who share similar interests and enhancing personalized experiences. With the advancement in the digital space, every business...

9 Reasons Why Real Estate Social Media Marketing is Used?

Social media marketing came into existence with the idea of connecting people who share similar interests and enhancing personalized experiences. With the advancement in the digital space, every business is trying to make an imposing presence on the internet. While traditional marketing is robust in itself, it is proving to be of limited benefit in today’s world.

The real estate industry is not far from adopting the same. For the real estate sector, it is important to connect with people. Social media marketing for realtors enables better segregation of audience, as today, a very high number of people are active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Today, various renowned developers have adopted real estate social media marketing. Here are 9 reasons why real estate has used social media marketing.

1. Effective Communication

In the 2010 - 2020 decade, social media stood as one of the most influential platforms of communication on the internet. This facilitated the users on the internet to share their favourite content with their friends and family in a much more seamless way. Not to mention, the location was no more an obstacle for communication. As the decade went by, various small, as well as large businesses began integrating social media platforms for the establishment of their brands.

2. Reach

Being active on social media these days is very common. The objective of the real estate industry is to cater directly to people who are looking for new homes and upgrading their lifestyles. If the real estate developer or builder creates relevant content around their business and generates traction according to the algorithm, it is possible for them to reach a large audience that is genuinely interested in knowing about the projects from them. This increases the chances of lead generation.

3. Engagement

Social media engagement is defined in terms of the number of reactions acquired in the form of shares, likes, comments, and subscriptions to the page or followerships attained through social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Social media algorithms facilitate the spread of creative information, thus gathering plenty of attention and reactions from users. Thereby, the credibility of the real estate company gets increased as user engagement increases.

4. Algorithm Benefit

The algorithms of social media platforms are crucial to understanding what content the users find likable and whether they would like to engage with it in the future. These algorithms have been created to determine and prioritise high-quality content that is best suitable to the vision and mission of the developers and builders along with the audience. Algorithms help real estate developers to bring their content in front of the audience.

5. Recommendation Program

The social media algorithm studies the user journey and uses this data to display relevant posts, sponsored ads, etc, on the websites of developers and their active social media handles. This stands as an indicator of how well the developer’s content has been in communicating what their projects have to offer to the target audience. With the use of relevant hashtags, the developer can further pull traction toward their campaigns.

6. Effective Showcasing Of Products

One of the advantages of social media is that businesses can present their content to the audience with the help of digital creatives that are impactfully designed with the perfect blend of words and colour schemes. Social media enabled real estate companies and developers to showcase their products effectively and reach a maximum audience.

7. Targeted Audience Approach

As social media has the majority of users’ age group between 15 years to 45 years, real estate social media marketing can cater to this age group with the help of digital marketing on social media platforms. A great number of millennials that want to buy homes are active on social media and it has become easy for real estate social media marketing companies to tap into the interests of millennials. With the traditional marketing approach, it was not very convenient to implement audience targeting and positioning of the products to the target audience, but with social media marketing, every application enables the developers and builders to reach the audience and buyer personas that they are exactly trying to pitch to.

8. Cost Effective

Comparison analysis between traditional marketing practices vs social media marketing practices is vital when the budgeting of the campaigns comes into the picture. Today, social media platforms offer spending options on per day or week or semi-annual and annual bases. This can optimize the cost of marketing dramatically as the performance parameters can be monitored in real-time with the use of highly advanced CRM software by real estate social media marketing companies. Furthermore, the campaigns can be evaluated based on the response from the audience. The developers can design the products according to their target audience and optimise their social media marketing budget.

9. Website Traffic

Every marketing campaign initiated by real estate social media marketing companies taps the target audience through social media-compatible devices. The developers can also drive the viewers to their website, by adding relevant call-to-action buttons and thus, build website traffic. Because of the call to action button, the users can more freely explore the products the developer has to offer. Reaching the audience helps deliver the company vision to the people effectively. The website traffic can be further monitored through tools like Google ads which can help the developers and their social media marketing teams to take informed decisions based on the performance of the campaigns.

A large number of real estate companies today are building their presence on social media. Thus, bringing people closer to their dream properties than ever!

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