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A 100% year on year growth case study

Posted on 13 March, 2019

Raunak Group is one of Mumbai’s most distinguished and admired real estate developers. With over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry. Raunak Group aimed to exceed expectations by providing superior quality in construction by creating spacious and luxurious homes with modern facilities at affordable prices. However, they had only a decent presence on social media platforms and wanted to exceed their presence more towards the right target audience.

A 100% year on year growth case study

After they collaborated with us, Raunak Group grew over 100% in sales. Here’s how we played a part in the growth of Raunak Group.

On partnering with us, we started focusing on places where optimisations would be most beneficial. We began right where the customer comes in by introducing First Hello, a data capturing system which records all the site visits that take place, by helping us understand the demographics of our customers with data intelligence integration. We then made use of our analytic tools and optimised various SMS campaigns. Next, we captured the data of those who went on the link but did not give their details, this helped us understand their prospective clients better.

We replaced traditional websites by inducing zip boxes into our campaigns, that helped us cut down CPLs by capturing leads at a larger rate.Our channel partner accelerator platform was infused under the banner of Headstart app for Raunak Group, where over 500 brokers from Thane & Kalyan were registered. The Headstart app gave the channel partners an edge in the market by updating them about Raunak Group’s projects and offers in real time. This brought Raunak Group a 15% rise in bookings through their channel partners. With one platform solution, we got the first-mover advantage. Raunak Group’s customers were served better with RealtyX, who in turn sent referrals our way, bringing the cost per sale down to nearly 1.5%.

We introduced a new system for the call centre team called Lead Matrix, that improved the performance of every call centre personnel, funnelling the lead at the call level for faster closures. After we set up the entire digital ecosystem, we launched multiple campaigns with a strong keyword game and a solid foundation of keyword mining. With the help these ideations we catered to the audience looking for new homes on Google Search.

With over 150+ campaigns on social media backed by psychographic persona mapping, we were able to help reduce acquisition cost by 39%. Acquiring prime inventory on the publisher network got them visitors on the website at a faster rate, using smart Display Ads. We also made use of machine learning techniques that lead to an increase in potential leads by 60%. We induced programmatic prospecting to get new acquisitions from the cluster not tapped through social or search network.

Native ads which are well placed on the publisher’s network got us more quality leads. The effective remarketing strategy of following the prospects throughout the web space added to our results. Considering the audience for Raunak, 70% of campaigns were mobile based & received 89% of the total acquisitions through the same.

Thus, we succeeded at being one of the many reasons responsible for Raunak Group’s growth.

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