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Best Digital Marketing Tools of 2018

Posted on 05 September, 2018

From fortune 500 companies to modest startups, business and brands around the world are using digital marketing to promote their products or services.

Best Digital Marketing Tools of 2018

Digital marketing tools are significant for businesses - they can quickly give you detailed insights into your brand or business or turn lengthy processes into a two-minute task.

These tools help to automate, simplify and streamline ancillary parts of your business so you can focus your time, efforts and resources on achieving the primary goal.

To make your product top notch, you need to be well-versed in operating various digital marketing tools. With this blog, get to know which digital marketing tools you should use in 2018.

  1. Website Speed Test

    Users want information and they want it at warp speed. And if you don’t deliver as expected, there are higher chances that the user will plop onto another website.

    Page load time is a major factor that affects the conversion rate via your website. Longer page load results in higher bounce rates and a drop in website traffic.

    Pingdom is a good tool to measure your website’s speed at regular intervals. It offers cost-effective and reliable performance monitoring for your website.

  2. Paid Traffic Ads

    Paid traffic involves directing visitors to your website using search engine marketing. It is usually used to generate leads for a business through multiple campaigns.

    If your business demands running paid traffic ads then there no other tool that can benefit you as Power Editor can. It is a totally free plugin that enables digital marketers to bulk edit their Facebook ads via their own browsers.

    Moreover, using Power Editor can give you access to features that are yet to be rolled out on Ad Manager. The plugin is compatible with Chrome and a few other browsers.

  3. PR Management

    You may be noticing an increase in the number of people talking about your brand or business online. Yet, tracking every source can become arduous.

    To know who’s who has mentioned you or your brand online, use Google Alert. Create an alert for the desired keyword you want to keep a tab on and Google will send you an email update about any new mention about your product or service. It is a useful tool for beginners.

  4. Email Marketing

    Email Marketing is the use of emails to build relationships with your customers as well as promote your product offering. The purpose of this type of marketing is to either attract new customers or compel existing users to make a purchase.

    The best tool for email marketing is AutopilotHQ. It has a colorful and bright interface and a dashboard with the drag and drop feature. It helps you build automated emails in a short span of time and allow you to implement superior email marketing campaigns.

  5. Landing Pages

    When it comes to marketing and advertising campaigns, landing pages play a crucial role. A landing page is where a visitor arrives when he clicks on an online ad. The ultimate objective of a landing page is to encourage a user to hit the CTA button.

    Unbounce is the finest tool for creating visually appealing landing pages. Using this tool, you can create and test landing pages with ease. You can pick the most relevant template for the next landing page for your brand from the array of templates featured on the platform.

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