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Digital marketing strategies for a successful real estate business

Posted on 26 June, 2018

Killer Digital Marketing Strategies That Generates Real Estate Sales in India.

Digital marketing strategies for a successful real estate business

Technology is revolutionizing the world. Things around us constantly change at such a swift speed. Technology is also empowering businesses as well as individuals. Right from reading news in the morning to buying groceries to finding homes; technology is being used more than ever.

A recently conducted survey suggests that today 92% of all home buyers use the internet for a home at some point to search. The trends clearly point out that having an online presence is paramount for any real estate company. It, thus, gets us to wonder about the role of digital marketing in real estate in India.

Digital marketing is used by companies for the following reasons:

  1. To create their brand awareness
  2. To acquire new customers
  3. To connect with existing customers

Here is how you can make the best of digital marketing:

  1. Content is king:

    Content is the king and there are no two opinions about it. Planning and generating the right posts takes time and is crucial. It becomes added responsibility when you know your customers are looking at your website for good properties. There are many ways you can generate content that would interest your visitors.

  2. Become mobile-friendly:

    Most mobile users prefer to visit mobile-friendly sites. People today have all sorts of apps that they need in daily life. They no more need to sit on a desktop or carry a laptop. Businesses that run on mobile apps add versatility, mobility, and save time. Potential home buyers do not have to wait to access a desktop or laptop, they can quickly get all the information they need on your app.

  3. Target all search engines:

    Google is the most popular search engine. However, do not restrict your business to just one search engine. Make your website searchable on Bing and Yahoo, too.

  4. The Social Media Age:

    Over 80% of people who use Facebook access videos and online stories on the platform. From infographics to posters, to video clips, to GIFs, people are moving toward media consumption that helps businesses think creatively. There are many real estate companies that are putting up 360-degree and panoramic images of their properties to increase the interest of the buyers.

  5. Inbound marketing and Mailing lists:

    Technology has given many ways in which you can advertise your business to certain demographic and get their attention. Blog posts, Social Media Marketing (SMM), sharing videos, etc are some of the ways in which you can engage with your customers. Not only is it inexpensive but also allows your business to look brighter, shinier, and much more worthy of the buyer’s time and money.

    Although old but mailing lists are a great way to reach out to potential buyers and is still popular in the real estate business today. Another powerful and simple tool is Google Analytics; it gets you information and stats on who’s visiting your websites, a great way to track your website traffic and better understand your audience. If done correctly SEO can prove to be an effective way of getting more leads to your website.

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