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Digital Marketing Trends of 2018

Posted on 10 September, 2018

'If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of the business.'- Bill Gates

Digital Marketing Trends of 2018

After the internet came into the picture we all know how life has become easier in just one touch, it is like an artificial universe created by humans through computers.The Technological Revolution has taken over the world in 2018.Can you imagine life without WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms? How would we interact with people? Assuming, we would not be able to even publish this blog if there was no such technology.

Just like it Digital Marketing on various social media platforms has made it accessible for the companies and marketers to communicate with their customers.

Since we are living in the Digital Era it is important for us to keep up with the latest trends that come in each time.

Here are few Digital Marketing Trends that is taking the World by storm, even in 2018.

  1. Influencer Marketing

    Influencer Marketing has become a new mode of advertisement. Brands reach out to influencers like Actors, Sportsmen, Fashion Bloggers, Food Bloggers and develop a campaign around them and their brand which they post on their Social Media channels and handles.

    Having a huge amount of followers gives the brand a massive outreach through these Influencers and people like to buy or use what they endorse. Influencer Marketing itself in it has become a business. It targets on to sending relevant information about a brand to the larger market.

    For example, an online cosmetics website,, in September released a series of videos with a veteran comedian and influencer Rohan Joshi. The idea was to bank on Joshi’s online stardom and fan following, by featuring him in an unlikely scenario.

  2. Interactive Gaming Platforms

    GAMES? WHO DOESN NOT LIKE GAMES? The Games are themselves a big technological revolution in todays time. With the increasing use of mobile phones and high expectations for user experience, game developers are creating games which are so addicting and user-friendly, that one just can not get let go of the habit. Advertisers are using this to their advantage. Recently, the most viral game of 2018, Player Unknown Battleground a.k.a PUBG collaborated with the team of Mission: Impossible - Fallout and provided players with limited edition sporty outfits which were called the "MI6 PANTS" and the "MI6 JACKET" as part of the promotion. They also integrated the infamous Mission Impossible Tune in the background of their Home Pages, and it was a wonderful and unique experience for the users, which added Brand Value, both to the game and the movie.

  3. Videos

    What you see, is what you will buy.Photos, Videos, and Gif are the most interactive form when it comes to Digital Marketing or sending Messages. It helps us have a clear picture of what the marketer or the company is trying to sell. It is become a way to express an individual’s or a company objectives, mottos and feelings towards things or their products.Videos play a major role when it comes to influencing people mind.

    For example the famous Kiki Challenge by the renowned singer/rapper, Drake. The video went so viral that literally even actors and singers started taking up the challenge and it also boosted up the views on the song. It was a global sensation.

  4. Snapchat/Instagram Stories, Live, TV, and Highlights

    "Hey, did you see her story today?" "Did you see what she was wearing in that story?" We hear this more often than not nowadays. People have started sharing from what they eat to what their outfit for the day is through stories and posts.

    Snapchat and Instagram have literally become a platform to keep up with people, Actors and other Public Figures. The Social Media has become the easiest way to communicate with people regarding anything and everything. Brands/People/Pages are using Social Media to its optimal efficiency to reach out to people and generate interest and sales.It is the backbone of any company, in today time.

  5. Mobile Applications

    Real-time communication is facilitated by Mobile Apps. It is very easy to build an App. The deeper we dig into it, more the Brands you will find making their applications. Applications are handy, because they are on the phone, a user can have 24*7 access to them, and therefore it is a great marketing tool for Brands. Many Brands are choosing to develop their applications in order to understand the Customer better and serve them effectively and in an optimal manner.

  6. Personalization

    Personalisation is humongous, and the appeal for it from business has grown exponentially.Personalization in marketing means knowing more about your customers, developing new content assures your customers that you understand them and their wants. Examples of personalisation that all of us will understand are from Airbnb and Netflix. They watchdog your preferences - the tours you take, the movies or series you watch and the searches you perform on their platforms, and then they tailor content to your behavior, to offer you a far more personalized, targeted experience.

    The Digital Space is an evergreen and a very dynamic space. Today trend will tomorrow become a story, and one can not simply imagine what trends are there or can be made in the future. It is an industry which is booming every single day and if used to its’ full potential, can make a brand a super-brand. Let see what trends 2019 has in store for us.

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