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Five Real Estate Marketing Campaign Ideas For The Real Estate Sector

Posted on 16 May, 2022

The significant transition in the outlook of homebuyers is the driving force for the real estate sector to create a strong digital presence. With easy access to the Internet,...

Five Real Estate Marketing Campaign Ideas For The Real Estate Sector

The significant transition in the outlook of homebuyers is the driving force for the real estate sector to create a strong digital presence. With easy access to the Internet, a majority of the consumers are turning towards online reviews and reputation of the builders and developers before making any final decision. Digital marketing for realtors is the future. To stand out from the rest, every professional in the sector is putting their best foot forward and the market is becoming very competitive.

Some Common Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Before we move on to marketing campaign ideas, let us take a look at some of the very common digital marketing strategies for realtors to use.

• Create A Website That Is SEO-Friendly

An SEO-friendly website is crucial for developers and builders who want lead conversions and get noticed by potential consumers. SEO helps them optimise their online content so that it appears on the first page of a search engine like Google, attracting people through organic search results.

• Invest In A Photographer For Real Estate

When it comes to real estate, images have always been an essential factor. However, when it comes to promoting a property online, only a few developers and builders understand the significance of this subject. People, particularly when they are browsing through hundreds and hundreds of projects, will judge a book by its cover.

It’s now time to look at some helpful campaign ideas with some amazing examples.

Real Estate Marketing Campaign Ideas

1. Run Timely Theme-Based Campaigns

The world of the Internet has a very wide scope and reach. With up-and-coming platforms like Instagram, Clubhouse, and so on, it has become easier for builders and developers to reach their target audience.

Running a theme-based campaign at regular intervals of time is a very effective method to keep the brand’s presence on social media active. The theme of the campaign can start with promoting the project’s amenities to offering any kind of relief on the payment, for example, many developers offer flats at discounted prices during the major festive seasons.

Theme-based campaigns provide the builders and developers with an extensive area to explore and play around. The main motive behind such campaigns is to increase sales, but this also helps to maintain the position of the brand in the market. This type of campaign, if innovative enough, spreads very quickly among consumers through word-of-mouth.

Some examples of theme-based campaigns are-

• Tortoise Payment League (TPL) by IM Buildcon

This campaign allowed the buyers to make payments as and when the construction was completed to a certain point starting with a 5% payment on booking. The scheme was as follows 5% on Registration, 10% on Plinth, 10% on Podium, 10% on completion of 10th Slab, 10% on completion of 20th Slab, 20% on completion of Terrace Slab, and 30% on receiving OC. This type of campaign allows the customer to buy their dream home and also provides them with an easy payment process.

• Family Verified Homes By GuruKrupa Group

The campaign is based on the idea that how GuruKrupa Group provides homes that have something for everyone in the family. The campaign name ‘Family Verified Homes’ basically indicates that the homes are approved and verified by each member of the family. The campaign is being run on their Instagram handle where it is making the customers give a thought about how everything else in life is verified so why not homes.

2. Start A Video Series

One of the easiest way to reach the target audience is to show them what to expect if they choose the brand. This can be done in the form of talk shows, video series, and virtual tours.

The brand can start a Youtube channel or an Instagram page where they can talk about their upcoming, ongoing, as well as completed projects. Visual presentation always has a much longer memory recall. Any form of talk show, video series, and virtual tour will provide a very vivid representation of the brand and its projects, and help the customers to know what exactly they are walking into.

One of the examples that comes to mind when we talk about video representation is the talk show series of Bellwether. The brand showcases every milestone in a form of a video on their Instagram page and is also coming up with a talk show where they are going to talk about everything related to real estate.

3. Create A Podcast

Starting a podcast is an easier version of starting a Youtube channel or Instagram page. There is no visual representation here and so it can also be very cost-effective for the developers and builders. A podcast on any music streaming platform such as Jio Saavn or Spotify can reach a thousand people. This can help create a regular follower base for the brand and can be very beneficial in the long run. An example of a real estate podcast can be ‘Get Into Real Estate’ on the Gaana app.

4. Run Ads

The most basic campaign strategy any developer or builder can opt for is running Google and Facebook ads. These ads redirect the customers to their website. When we say Google ads, we don’t mean to just put up the project on Google. There are many creative ways in which these kinds of ads can be put out in the never-ending sea of internet. One of the ways to make sure you pop up right away on the web is to use negative keywords or keywords that aren’t really a part of the brand’s target. This is a different, innovative and creative way of using Google ads and is used by many different sectors to promote their products and appear on the first page.

5. Create Pinterest Boards

This is yet another upcoming type of campaign. For certain sectors, such as real estate, Pinterest advertising has a place. Boards are an excellent way to share images and details about specific projects. Builders and developers can make a Pinterest board that showcases everything related to their projects such as the neighborhood's advantages in addition to property photos. Pinterest boards are easy to create and manage. A major factor why Pinterest has gained popularity is because it is aesthetically appealing to the audience, this makes real estate marketing on Pinterest for brands much easier.

Real estate is a market with a lot of advertising opportunities, and brands can often get very innovative in order to win customers' hearts. Because the final product is so appealing, builders and developers have a plethora of options for presenting their properties in the best possible light. Digital Marketing for realtors is the future and is only going to increase its hold, it is beneficial for the real estate sector to keep up with the digital trends.

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