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Google Trends: How It Helps In Keyword Research

Posted on 25 November, 2018

If you are arranging your SEO strategy, you ought to complete a keyword research first. This should be possible with the Google AdWords keyword planner. However, another great choice is Google Trends. Google Trends enables you to learn a ton from your keywords. It will give you information for not simply today, but rather for a longer period of time. Listed below are a few pointers on how to use Google Trends for your keyword research.

Google Trends: How It Helps In Keyword Research

Google Trends is able to:

  • Show you trends for your keywords.
  • Helps you discover content ideas.
  • The most effective method to begin.

How To Start

You need not bother with a Google account with the end goal to get Google Trends by your side. When you are on the website, you can enter your keywords. On the off chance that you need to include numerous keywords or search terms, you can isolate them by using commas.


Refine Your Query

When you maintain a business offering chocolates and other such products, it might be interesting to know what sort of chocolate is generally famous. The diagram indicates straight away that Swiss chocolate is more famous than both British and Belgian chocolate. This is a trend that has taken over the world. With the end goal of checking whether the trend is the same in a certain country, you can indicate this in the menu under "Worldwide". The query can likewise be refined by choosing time range, category, and the search type.


Gather Ideas For Your Marketing

If you are focusing on the British market and came to Google Trends to discover what content you ought to write with the end goal of enhancing your rankings for the keywords "Swiss chocolate", you can gather ideas by examining related search queries. For instance, it could be an extraordinary plan to write a recipe for Swiss roll, utilizing Swiss chocolate.

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