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How Social Media Platforms Are Helping Small Businesses Amid Covid-19?

Posted on 29 June, 2020

With an on-going epidemic called COVID-19, the countries have put lockdown in place and the biggest impact it has had is on businesses. Businesses no matter their size are facing tough times. Small businesses are getting hit even harder as they won’t have the same reach to the customer as big businesses have. Social media has come as a savior for these small businesses by letting them compete with big businesses. Hiring social media marketing companies in Mumbai uses various tools for making your business more appealing to customers.

How Social Media Platforms Are Helping Small Businesses Amid Covid-19?

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing in general means promoting your business using social media. The social media marketing services in Mumbai use various tools provided by different social media to promote your business so that you have a better reach. Social media marketing services in Mumbai have a deep understanding of tools provided by social media and use them in a way that you see an improvement in your customer reach. With that in mind let us look at some tools that are used by social media marketing in Mumbai which is provided by social media websites.

Facebook shops.

Facebook has announced Facebook shops that will let you display your products. Facebook has created this to help businesses that are having difficulties and don’t have the funds required to operate their websites. The move will help people have an online presence and help them gain more exposure for their businesses. With businesses shutting down the door to their physical business premises, Facebook shops could be a virtual space to save their business and sell products. The add-on is still relatively new and if businesses adopt it widely it might help them grow. A big bunch of the human population uses Facebook and it might help this idea succeed.

Facebook business resource hub.

Another initiative by Facebook that can help businesses have better and bigger reach is the business resource hub. Social media marketing services in Mumbai used Facebook ads widely to promote your business. Facebook has always tried to support small businesses and help them grow. A business resource hub is one such initiative to help small businesses in tough times. Facebook with the help of this add-on helps businesses prevent disruptions and has tips and tricks to operate their business with maximum efficiency. This will help small businesses understand better business practices and could help reach out to an audience showing they are better equipped to fight against the times.

YouTube ad tools.

For small businesses, it is hard to invest in advertisements like big businesses do. Social media marketing services in Mumbai can help you use the YouTube ad tool for you to create better advertisements on a budget. YouTube has launched a video builder tool for small businesses to use and create advertisements for their businesses. Ali miller explains on YouTube blog “It’s a free beta tool that animates static assets images, text, and logos with music from our library.” However, a video is just as good as the creator. Social media marketing services in Mumbai have the experience and know-how about pleasing the customers and could create an advertisement striking with what the audience wants to see.

Stickers for small businesses by Instagram.

Instagram has also stepped up to help small businesses. Their idea to save small businesses comes in the form of virtual stickers that the businesses can post on their stories that will lead the users to fundraisers or their purchase pages. The customer can use these stickers by interacting with them. The user can order takeout or buy an item from a local business that can be collected on a later date.

With social media stepping up to help small businesses survive these tough times you need to understand that you should help your local businesses as well, these are tough times for everyone and we can get through this if we support each other.

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