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How To Boost Website Traffic Using Social Media Platform

Posted on 30 August, 2018

On the World Wide Web, everything is wired to everything else. Having a website promoting your brand or business online is good. But getting people to visit the website and buy the product or service you offer is the best.

How To Boost Website Traffic Using Social Media Platform

A thing you have probably heard over a thousand times is, “Social media diverts increased traffic to your website.” So you plop on the bandwagon and create social media profiles for your brand. Yet, you still don’t receive any traffic to your website.

We have put together a few tips and tactics to drive more traffic to your website through your social media channels.

  1. Relevance Of The Social Media Platform

    For any business or brand, identifying which social media platform will best suit its needs.One must analyze which niche one wants to target and which social media platform would carry it out. If your brand talks about fashion, choose Instagram. If it deals with real estate use LinkedIn. Facebook and Twitter work for any kind of business.

    Spending time, efforts and finances on a relevant platform will only lead to enhanced engagement and more visits to your website and also create an impact on relevant social media influencers.

  2. Visibility Of The URL

    Whether Twitter or Facebook, every social media channel has a dedicated spot where you can share your websites URL. When you create a social media profile for your brand, insert the web address into the About section and in the profile bio.

    By doing this, users or potential clients who want to collaborate with you need not hunt for your website in the internet’s ocean. They will be straight away directed to your website by accessing its URL on your social media handles.

  3. Updated Content

    Does your brand website include a blog section? Then write a blog at regular intervals and post it on your social media handles. This enhances SEO and increases the number of people viewing your post.

    Don’t just promote your brand. Share content that’s helpful and relevant to your product. People are always in search of solutions. Repurpose evergreen content and share it to get engagement on platforms like Google+ and Facebook.

  4. Refer And CTA Button

    Users, whether individual or businesses, may inquire about your brand on your social media channel. Some may be interested to know which services you specialize in, while some would want to contact you.

    If you are receiving such queries, you can innovatively include the URL to your website in your reply, prodding the user to visit it. The next step to maintain their interest in your business or brand is to urge them to use the Call To Action (CTA) button or integrate it into your posts for further engagement.

  5. Tracking Performance Via Social Media Tools

    Using automated social media tracking tools can save your time and effort to analyze your brand’s performance on various platforms.

    These tools let you discover which channels are driving more traffic to your website and vice versa, know what type of content is enabling more likes, shares and comments and help you plan your social media strategy better.

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