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How To Convert Website Traffic Into Leads

Posted on 25 September, 2018

The first impression is the last impression

How To Convert Website Traffic Into Leads

Once a visitor lands on your website, why should they stay?

You only have about 10 seconds to get the customer’s attention before they get distracted, or simply decide to leave your site.

Customers on your website need to immediately understand what is that you do, and how you can help them. This is your unique value proposition.

Listed below are few ideas on how to convert your website traffic into leads.

  1. Landing Pages :

    Landing pages are one of the most effective ways to convert a visitor into a lead. While the purpose of many content pages on websites is to provide information; landing pages are designed for collecting contact information. Putting up several landing pages inside your blog or main content website increases the chances of more people coming to those landing pages via search engines, referral, and direct traffic and hence it increases the chances of lead collection. You can also have different banners in your blog which link to one of your own landing pages.

  2. Use the Language of your Customers :

    Using jargon-filled language and terminology is counterintuitive to a high-converting value proposition. To engage your customers, you should speak to them in a language they understand.

    Often the language you use to offer your services is different from the customer’s language. To understand how they think about your services, you could interview them, conduct surveys, gather customer feedback and use social media to discover how they talk about the problem you are solving.

  3. Opt-In Forms :

    The homepage is the best option and an important location for Opt-in forms, as they include the sidebar, the header, at the end of blogs and more. These opt-in forms not just live in landing pages which are connected to CTA’s but also found on the different pages of your website. This will help your website viewers to convert them into customers.

  4. Pop-Up Form :

    The pop-up form is a great way to capture leads for your business helping you reduce your overall marketing spends. Make use of these pop-up forms on every page of your website to garner the credentials of your viewers.

  5. Welcome Redirects :

    This method makes possible to redirect the first time guests of your blog to a landing page where they are asked to opt-in in return for something valuable such as a free e-book or a bulletin. Such plugins will only redirect to new visitors and returning visitors will only see your home page.

  6. Let your Videos Speak to the Audience :

    Nowadays visual communiqué is so important. And the on-site video is the most important visual tool you can use to keep clients on your website. With the approval of videos, a new breed of opt-in forms have become popular with digital marketers. They are opt-in methods inside videos.

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