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How to Improve Real Estate Facebook Ads

Posted on 18 September, 2018

With so many advertising platforms on the internet, it is very important to pick the right one to invest your resources in. This is what makes social media such a great platform for real estate ads that work.

How to Improve Real Estate Facebook Ads

Facebook has one of the largest audiences for your advertisements and it has been proven to generate brilliant results that can convert traffic into quality leads. It is one of the most cost-effective places to invest your money when it comes to advertising. Thus it becomes very important to know how to build a Real Estate Facebook Ad that really works.

Mentioned below are few ways on how one can improve their Real Estate Facebook Ads.

  1. Your Target Audience :

    It is very crucial to know who you are targeting, what type of people you want to become customers or clients and the general age group that you would prefer.

    There are few other things that you need to keep in mind while building a facebook ad like, what kind of budget does your ideal audience have, does your real estate business only operate in a certain area and who competes against your brand in the industry.

    With these things in mind, one can start putting together their own successful real estate Facebook ad campaign

  2. The Objective of your Campaign :

    Facebook provides you with several advertising goals and every real estate ad that works on it needs a goal. This includes brand awareness, engagement, lead generation, reach and so on.In order to pick the right one, you need to know your overall strategy and the purpose of your ad.

    Listed below are few common goals that real estate ads aim for -

    • Helping People move from their current homes:

      There is a possibility that people who want to move out would love to see your luxury homes in areas that are close to their current location. Here you would want to try and showcase some of the properties outside of your target audience’s area to make them your customers

    • Booming your brand awareness:

      Some real estate agents want to increase their exposure by improving their brand awareness, especially when they have several active locations around the country.

    • Educate people about their choices

      Let be real,the audience is always uncertain about which property to invest in which is why it is very important for you to educate your audience about the brand and give them reasons to invest. In this case, your real estate Facebook Ad can focus on informing the audience about these choices so that they are more likely to consider the properties that your brand is offering.

  3. Describe the property in a Few Words :

    The more you say, the less they remember. It’s the best idea to go with when building your real estate Facebook ad. Pick some expressive words with images and let them do the talking

  4. Sell Dreams, Not just a Property :

    Do not forget that you might be selling someone their dream, not just a property. Let your customers know what they’re getting with the help of a strong communication strategy. This is one of the key components for any Facebook Ads Campaign.

  5. Show a Floor-plan :

    Floor plans can usually tell a bigger story than just images. A stock floor plan helps the customer get more clarity of what they are investing in. This also attracts people who have specific real estate requirements.

  6. Budget :

    Being transparent with your budget sets clear expectations for your customers. With a defined budget beforehand, your customers know what they are getting involved into and how much are they spending.

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