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How to Increase Domain Authority of a Website?

Posted on 20 Aug, 2019

Let's first understand what is Domain Authority (DA). Developed by Moz, Domain Authority is a website quality metric which indicates the ability of the site to rank across different search engines. The more domain authority of your website, the higher you'll rank in Google. Domain Authority ranges between 1-100, the higher the score, the better. Domain Authority shows how credible a website is among other competitor websites, based on various factors like backlinks. The increase in number of links will help website to increase their domain authority and also increase the likelihood that pages on that domain to rank higher in search engines. Domain Authority is usually calculated by the number of linking websites, but the quality of those linking websites are even more important. Links from various high domain authority websites themselves pass much more authority to sites they link to. This proves that sites with higher domain authority have exponentially more incoming links, and they then exponentially pass more authority when they link to other websites. Check out the best practices to improve the domain authority of your site.

How to Increase Domain Authority of a Website?

Natural Link Building

For natural link building to work for your website, it is necessary to have link worthy content present on your site. It is important to publish great content on your website that will attract links from other websites. When someone will find your website they will read your articles and blogs and when they like it they will link it to one of their articles. This is known as natural link building. Content that is useful and easy to read help other readers willing refer it to their articles. This process is beneficial but you need to be patient as it takes enough time to gain readers to the website so that some of the readers share your content in their blogs or websites.

Optimize On-page content

Search engine optimization is really important for both Google search engine ranking as well as to improve your domain authority, so it is necessary to optimize all your on-page content properly, including your title tags, content present on your website and image alt tags. Additionally, include your main keywords in the content, and keep all your links short and relevant.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is when links that go from one page of your website to a different page on the same website. They are built for simple navigation through your site for the visitors. Internal linking helps reduce the bounce rate ( Average time spent by a visitor on your site). You can also link it to your older posts which will make your content even more captivating and informative. But make sure you link it to old post only if the content is related to each other. This will help search engines bots to find the site's content and can easily crawl them. Internal linking helps both users and search engines to navigate your website properly. Also, one important thing to take care is every internal link should be a do-follow link.

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