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How To Tell Your Brand Story On Instagram

Posted on 17 March, 2019

A growing number of marketers are tapping into the power of Instagram to tell their brand story. With features such as Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, and video uploads, Instagram offers plenty of ways to share a brand’s message to a large, yet targeted audience.

How To Tell Your Brand Story On Instagram

Instagram has emerged as the most engaging social media platform and it can be an economical way to build your brand’s reputation and a loyal fanbase.

Mentioned below are a few ways to create and showcase your unique brand story on Instagram.

1. Know your audience

Every social network is different. The people who follow you on Twitter may not be your fans on Facebook. They may embrace Instagram but avoid Pinterest.

Because the fans and followers are different on different platforms, the experiences have to be different, too. One message, yes, but one with variations based on the platforms.

2. Provide Unique and Engaging Visual Experience

Instagram is an inherently visual platform. Building a consistent and unique brand experience is very crucial for establishing your online brand identity. There are certain photography tactics that every brand can leverage to create high quality, high-performing Instagram photos. These include focusing on lighting, picking one central subject, looking for patterns, and not overdoing your filters.

3. Make use of Instagram Live and Instagram Stories

Instagram Live and Instagram Stories are two powerful features that allow you to deepen your connection with your followers and tell your brand story in a fun and more authentic way. It can give a behind-the-scenes look at brand-sponsored events, office culture, or tutorials for your products.

4. Be Consistent

If you want to tell your brand story on Instagram, post consistently. Having an Instagram account is easy, posting on it every day is hard but it’s essential to getting your message to stick in a person’s mind.

Be consistent with hashtags. Decide on the essential ones and supplement as needed.

5. Use trends when they make sense

Throwback Thursday is fun, but does it fit with the brand narrative? Use the trends, including real-time ones and breaking news, that makes sense for your brand and its audience.

Using a trend just to use it will come across as gimmicky and could spawn a flame war. Always be true to your brand’s story and the audience’s interests, not the trend.

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