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How To Write Content For Your Business Website

Posted on 16 September, 2018

When we talk about a Business Website it is really important for the website to meet all the expectations of a potential customer and provide relevant information about your brand, products and / or services.

How To Write Content For Your Business Website

Here are a few tips on how can you write content for your business website.

  1. Keep your Homepage Tidy :

    "The First Impression is The Last Impression".

    The Homepage is your website welcome drink. The text you choose on the homepage sets a standard to the rest of your website. Your homepage should be such that one should take interest in wanting to know more about your brand.

  2. About Us Section :

    Visualize this - You are on the "About Us" section of someones website, what would you expect to see?

    You would be happy to discover information about the person who is behind the business and what is the purpose of their business and what can they provide.

    While all this is happening it is important to have the right balance and length of information that will answer all the questions clearly. Making sure its short and provides all the relevant information about your business is a wise thing to do.

  3. Keep it Simple :

    When I look at a Web page it should be self-evident. Obvious. Self-explanatory. ~ Steve Krug.

    Do not try to be extra clever or over creative with your content. Clever Phrasing requires people to think and no one has the time to think when they’re coming to discover about your business on your website.So try keeping your information as crisp as possible.

  4. Revise your Links :

    It is very important to have internal links on your website. Linking other pages on your website’s content gives a boost to your SEO thereby giving potential customers useful information, increases page views and time spent on your site. It is crucial to revisit older posts and pages and update them with new links. This makes your pages more useful and relevant to the customers and helps your content stay up to date.

  5. Show, Don not Talk :

    It is quite boring to just keep on reading and not have a vision of what you read. Imagery is a great way to capture your customers attention. It is always good to use a visual to help the reader make the right connection. Images always gives your customers a clearer picture of what your brand is about.

  6. Contact Page :

    Make getting in touch with your business as easy as eating pie.

    When customers look into your contact page there is a good chance they want to connect with you. This clearly means that you don’t want to drop the ball once they’re there, you are going to want to engage them with inviting quotation. People who come to this section of your website have a purpose, so it is best to not waste their time by making them sift through loads of pages before they can shoot you a message. In two words - Be concise

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