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Insomniacs urges women to join

Posted on 21 March, 2018

Empowerment doesn’t end with a catchy hashtag, and the recent campaign #HaveHerBack, that has been making headlines all over the world, is a testament to that. Women in the field of advertising are a rarity, especially if you’re a woman working for an ad agency. The late nights, the grueling work, the intense culture; how can a woman survive in such an environment?

Insomniacs urges women to join

This is the kind of prejudice the #HaveHerBack campaign aims to demolish with three basic actions: training, hiring and creating cultures of empowerment. Initiated by Golin and taken forward by some of the most distinct ad agencies in the circuit, this campaign signifies a voice of change for all who have felt the same pang of discomfort every time they hear the same kind of words.

The women at Insomniacs, a digital marketing agency based in Mumbai, rallied behind the cause to bring all creative women in the ad & media industry forward. After their successful Women’s Day video asking for ad companies to let “#NoCampaignBeOurCampaign”, the agency invites creative women of all backgrounds to #ClaimWhatsYours. This initiative stemmed from the necessity to highlight the important roles that women played in the industry, a move that is much needed in a nation that oppresses women empowerment in its different forms to this day.

The digital agency has sent out an open invite to all the women interested in trying their luck in advertising, welcoming any and all claim what’s theirs.

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