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10 Most Common Mistakes in PPC Campaign

Posted on 13 September, 2018

Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Click (CPC) is a model of advertising that allows Brands to pay only when their ad is clicked by an online user.It is a process where brands create ads and then bid on specific keywords for which to show them.

10 Most Common Mistakes in PPC Campaign

These PPC ads appear above and below the non-paid organic search results.

Making wrong judgments while setting up a PPC Marketing Campaign can cost you and your brand.

We have put everything up where you can avoid the 10 most common mistakes that brands make while setting up a PPC Marketing Campaign.

  1. Selection of Poor Keywords :

    This is one of the most common mistakes that brands make while setting up a PPC Marketing Campaign. Many brands target keywords that generate tremendous search volumes but are not relevant to the brand. Trying to fill your account with relevant keywords that is directly related to your brand is the right thing to do.

  2. No Budget Control :

    A badly structured and unmonitored PPC account can easily burn through your marketing budget in a matter of hours.

    One of the positive things about PPC Marketing is it lets you set and control daily budget on your ads. It is smart to spend less on the early days of your advertising campaign and gradually optimize on the basis of the results that are being derived

  3. Poor Bidding Strategy :

    Bid management comes into the picture when we see the potential for improved performance across advertisers. Google AdWords is a live auction so the bids placed in the past, may not be the correct bid for the present day. Consider the profit of any conversion and consider the ROIs that any activity should be returning. Review your account for any CPC bids that are too low or too high and then implement any necessary changes.Finally, when you have a good amount of conversions, it’s worth opting for automated bidding strategies to help reduce the amount of time required to make manual bid changes.

  4. Incorrect Geo-Targeting :

    Google AdWords gives us the ability to target specific areas. If your brand does not service a particular set of an audience then it becomes necessary to ensure that you are not displaying ads within those audiences.

    Exploring Geo targeting in full becomes necessary to ensure that you are placing ads in front of users that you can service.

  5. No Ad Copy Testing :

    Ad Copy is a space that should be consistently tested and refined. PPC accounts can be improved by revising the generic ad copy contained within an account and replaced with location-specific or seasonal ad copy. It becomes very important to ensure that you are always testing three or four ad variations at any one time, and reacting to the variations in performance that you see.

  6. Not adding Negative Keywords :

    It is important to regularly review your Search Term Reports and add additional negative keywords to your account, to ensure that your ads are not showing for searches that are not related or irrelevant to your brand.

  7. Lack of Communication :

    Right communication is the bread and butter of your ad.It is important to know your brand and exactly which audience you’re communicating with. Being specific about what your brand is offering can give you better results.

  8. Forgetting about your Landing Pages :

    Overlooking your landing page is a big mistake you can make when running a PPC campaign.

    There are 3 things you need to keep in mind while making a landing page -

    • Make sure your landing page is responsive on all platforms.
    • See to it that you Ad Copy and Landing page talks about the same product/service you are offering.
    • Your landing page needs to load within a couple of seconds or else you are losing a potential customer.
  9. Missing Call to Action (CTA) :

    Every ad should include a clear call to action like “Buy Now”, encouraging users to complete the action you want them to take. Don’t underestimate the power of your CTA.A right CTA could mean the difference between browsing and buying.

  10. Not creating Mobile-Friendly Campaigns :

    Having a mobile-optimized campaign is becoming more and more fundamental towards the success of you campaign.

    You should ensure that you are using click to call extensions, ensure your mobile adverts lead to responsive web pages and finally that you use a mobile friendly call to action, such as call now.

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