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Nobody Reads Your Blog? Know How To Fix It.

Posted on 09 May, 2019

Content, content, content. It appears as if the content is the main thing anybody can discuss nowadays.

Nobody Reads Your Blog? Know How To Fix It.

You've likely perused post after post about how 'content is king' at least a couple of times.

Be that as it may, in spite of your earnest attempts, you can't perceive what the content publicity is about, can you?

You compose blogs, make videos, take interest in social media, but then, crickets.

You're making content; however, it's not getting you extremely far.

Tragically, making content isn't sufficient to truly showcase your business.

On the off chance that nobody is drawn in with what you're creating, you're just wasting time, energy and resources to clutter an already overcrowded web.

It becomes very important to figure out your mistakes and shape your content if you want to market your business successfully.

1. Change Your Blog Images To Engage Humans

Photographs are frequently the main thing that you see on a blog. People have advanced to perceive appearances and this perception carries over to our online lives too. This shows that you need to give careful consideration to the imagery that you use on your blog, and ensure any photographs that you have of yourself are proficient and of good quality. Never utilize clip art imagery or photographs that have a stale white background from a modest stock photography site. Ensure each photograph fits the brand personality.

2. Get a Mobile Responsive Design That Collapses Well

There are times when we visit websites and we come across designs that are not mobile-friendly. In addition to the fact that it is terrible for user experience, it is presently a negative positioning variable for your blog's SEO. Hence, before you go and grab any theme, ensure it 'collapses' with the goal that the content is at the top and not the menus, sidebars, or the different diversions.

3. Link Out Way More, Way More!

Quite a few bloggers think linking out to other websites will cause you to lose page ranks. The fact is that the more you link out to other (quality) blogs, the more value you will provide to your readers. Plus, the people that you link to will notice you and give you a shout-out quite often or help to promote the post. A lot of SEO experts believe that putting well-trusted links around your own also helps with your rank.

4. Focus on Reach, Not Loyalty

This is something quite a few people find upsetting, but is of utmost importance to a business. It is more crucial to be in front of more people than increasing the loyalty of your existing readers. Loyalty and reach walk hand in hand. So, if you get more engagement, you will get more loyal readers.

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