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Proptech Segment - Current Scenario and Near Future

Posted on 18 Jan, 2022

Last year, many real estate developers reached out to us due to the movement seen because of Gruha and Aurum Proptech...

Proptech Segment - Current Scenario and Near Future

Last year, many real estate developers reached out to us due to the movement seen because of Gruha and Aurum Proptech, asking us which areas are going to take the center stage and will the paradigm shift in the Proptech segment? We answered that there are many spaces, but we were only best suited to advise in terms of digital and tech in the sales and marketing domain. Here are some key pointers:

1. Transformation of Aggregator Platforms

Aggregator platforms will further start consolidating and the sector might see some category kings emerging. That could mean that no singular platform will own it all but different categories will have some unique players emerging. Categories like primary homes, secondary homes, rental properties, weekend homes, commercial spaces, co-working properties and co-living homes have started seeing deeper integrations and emergence of new players trying to sharpen their offering and trying to become synonymous to one category each.

2. Combination of Proptech and Martech

Martech and Proptech convergence is one of our favourite areas, and businesses making the most of this combination will emerge as big winners in the coming time. Platforms focusing on delivering lower acquisition costs for leads, site visits, and bookings for realtors with location data intelligence play and automation in campaign management or real estate-focused ad networks are some exciting movements we shall witness in the coming years.

3. Proptech and Fintech Duo

A lot of companies would be solving the customer journey issues that follow home buying with regards to down payment assistance and loans very soon. We shall soon see some aggressive play in this space by aggregator platforms. And this will be possible, thanks to the convergence of the proptech and fintech sectors.

4. Effortless Transaction Management

This segment is still to take off here, in India. But the speed with which the government is hell-bent on using technology and is digitally transforming most of its operations, this segment shall start witnessing good growth adding a lot more transparency and efficiency to the overall process.

5. Interesting Trends to Look At

How Metaverse and blockchain would transform operations and processes in the future is one thing we got to keep a tab on. We can’t ignore these changing trends, and there could be a series of surprises that would be in store in this space. We can’t really predict the impact yet as the space is transforming and updating constantly and consistently. But, these two are overhauling everything currently, and looking at the way we do things today, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if something revolutionary happens very soon.

As mentioned in the last blog about real estate trends to look for in 2022, this year is assumed to be full of surprises and changing trends. Let us sit back and see how the world transforms. And of course, accept the changes as they come and adapt to the smarter ways of running the real estate and proptech sectors.

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