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Quicko: Safeguarding ‘Baap Ki Public Property’

Posted on 20 September, 2018

After its star-studded public service initiative ‘Right to Pay Tax’, Quick, the online financial services portal, has launched its first brand campaign titled ‘Proud to Pay Tax’. The communication has been conceptualized by Scarecrow Communications and produced by Connect.1, a division of Mukta Arts. The largest digital campaign, comprising of 11 ads, uses the common Indian phrase ‘mere baap ka hai’ to evoke its audience. While all the ads feature kids, some have a narrative around the misuse of public property, and others are short monologues. All ads end with the idea, ‘Ye public property mere baap ki hai, because my dad pays tax’.

Quicko: Safeguarding ‘Baap Ki Public Property’

“We observed that when it comes to enjoying basic public facilities, people behave irresponsibly. When questioned about their behavior, the standard response is, ‘Yeh public property tere baap ki hai kya?’. This is where the insight comes from,” says Manish Bhatt, founder-director, Scarecrow Communications. He adds, “People are largely cynical about paying taxes, which is why the use of such a phrase was needed to shake their inertia.”

While the campaign seems to address two causes at once, taxpaying and public property destruction, Bhatt explains that the latter is a by-product of the storyline and the singular focus lies on evoking people to pay their taxes.

Vishvajit Sonagara, founder, Quicko, says, “Only 2.89 percent Indians filed their taxes last year and we wish to change that. We have designed a software that not only makes tax returns filing easy, but our data visualization and charts help users understand the big picture and finest details in a single experience; thus, enriching the overall process of tax filing.”

Co-Founder Insomniacs Pranav Patadia adds, “The ad will be promoted on YouTube, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and on Google ads. We have created a strategy which ensures this campaign doesn’t only turns out to be a brand outreach campaign but also help Quicko get more traction by clocking better figures in terms of conversions. We have also tied up with online brands to create merchandise around the campaign, which is available on Freecultr.”

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