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Sabse Saste Chaar Din, another Raunak Group

Posted on 05 March, 2019

Raunak Group, one of Mumbai’s most esteemed, distinguished and admired real estate developers, has seen tremendous growth over the past year. Raunak Group aimed to exceed expectations by providing superior quality in construction and service while creating spacious and luxurious homes with modern facilities at affordable prices. However, they were lacking a strong presence on social media platforms and didn’t exactly know how they could make use of various ways to reach out to their target audience.

Sabse Saste Chaar Din, another Raunak Group

After partnering with us, we took to the task and started our collective journey by focusing on the places where optimisations would be most beneficial. So, we began with the campaign ‘Sabse Saste Chaar Din’, which was aimed at providing home buyers with affordable residential options, especially those based in the regions of Kalyan and Thane. The entire campaign would be launched with the objective of engaging home buyers on all major social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter among others.

Raunak Group wanted to beckon potential home buyers in Thane and Kalyan to book their dream home with them. As a challenge, they wanted to achieve the maximum number of sales in the shortest period of time.

The campaign was launched on May 22nd, 2018. It commenced on grounds and across social media platforms. After a thorough on ground research and understanding of the past data of our leads, our team understood the few issues which the leads were facing. We knew the fears our customers faced. Hence, the perfect financial offering was devised to ensure their fears were eliminated in all aspects. Our message was further communicated with the product offering and the benefits Raunak Group possessed with respect to the location and price.

We asked customers to pre-register themselves to avail the offer in order to understand their issues and requirements which was done through a verification call by our call centre executive team. The verified leads were then passed onto their sales team who would get in touch with them to explain the benefits of booking their home between June 1st to June 4th, 2018.

As a part of our lead generation strategy, we approached around 400 hot leads from the past year’s campaign while creating a new set of over 8000 leads. From that very set, about 900 walk-ins took place over the duration of the entire campaign.

The social media strategies designed by our experts played an essential role in bringing the required sales to Raunak Group. With the campaign of Sabse Saste Chaar Din, the projects at Raunak Group witnessed a massive footfall as well as flat bookings. In order to achieve this objective, our marketing team executed both print & digital campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, including other social networking platforms. Our experts made a considerable impact in the minds of the home buying customers with this campaign. Keeping in mind the goal to engage a maximum number of users, we decided to utilize the current trend of memes to our advantage. With this, our team of digital media experts went from Hollywood to Bollywood to keep customers wanting for more. We designed an exclusive campaign using memes that had scenes from successful Bollywood movies and Hollywood music. For example, we took advantage of the recent buzz of the Bollywood hit Race 3.

We bombarded the social media pages of Raunak Group with quirky & funny memes, for the first time ever in real estate, which smartly communicated Sabse Saste Chaar Din’s offer to the public, resulting in two simultaneous Twitter trends for the campaign. Along with that, we put the Internet’s search engines to work by building up SEO-rich content around the developer’s initiative, creating a series of content-driven videos about the home buying sale, thereby complementing all the other efforts we took for the campaign.

For successfully reaching the target audience for Raunak Group, we created a microsite which had all the details about every project by Raunak Group. This site had information about the number of units available for sale, with a discount provided both in percentage & the actual amount. We displayed the type of units available, including 1 and 2 BHK flats. This microsite had registered a number of hits on the day of its launch & helped our digital marketing team get quality leads. Raunak Group received a major footfall on their project sites owing to the success of this microsite. In short, Sabse Saste Chaar Din was a big success for both our team as well as for Raunak Group. The customers’ issues were resolved when Raunak Group arrived on the scene, prompting a Twitter trend with #SabseSaasteChaarDin twice with 15 days of the campaign that reached out to over 5 lakh people online. Raunak Group sold inventory worth Rs.100 crores for 1% of the marketing cost. The total inventory sold was 207 flats. A total of 2433 Leads, at a cost of 491 cost per lead, was garnered, reducing the CPL by 55% than projected.

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