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Social Media Marketing For Realtors - Myths & Hacks

Posted on 21 July, 2022

Too many cooks spoil the broth. And if these cooks are misguided, the results could be catastrophic. The popularity and requisite of social media marketing...

Social Media Marketing For Realtors - Myths & Hacks

Too many cooks spoil the broth. And if these cooks are misguided, the results could be catastrophic. The popularity and requisite of social media marketing have brought a myriad of marketers into the game. The result? Misinformation revolving around the approach to social media. Therefore, let us clear the air on the myths and hacks for social media marketing concerning real estate.


Different Platforms, Same Strategy

As the digital wheel keeps spinning with traffic across all platforms, instruments that allow users to share content simultaneously have made tasks easier. Since the process is hassle-free, most realtors opt to publish the same content everywhere. Here's the deal. Every social media handle has its way of functioning, networking, and engaging. For instance, Instagram offers a profile to connect with everyone.

On the other hand, Facebook has a personal page to make friends and a business profile. Both these platforms bid a unique approach for paid advertisement and organic reach. Similarly, YouTube has its unique algorithms and format. Similar strategies do not derive the best use of a particular platform.

The Content Should Be Real Estate Related

Internet users go on scrolling mindlessly on social media. Why would they pause and spend more time on a post? If a page talks about nothing else but properties and real estate, it is likely to get monotonous after a point. A realtor can post about concepts and ideas even if they are remotely related to real estate. For instance, a residential developer can share ideas on decorating living space, lifestyle routines, architectural concepts, financial tips on real estate, news, etc. The scope of such content makes a page a go-to source for valuable information. Such a situation is a goldmine of reach and scalability.

The Only Purpose Is Lead Generation

Most realtors showcase a never-ending trail of lead gen content on their social media handles. Why? This is where vague misinformation concerning the use of social platforms comes into play. Boosting lead gen content is necessary, indeed. But that is not the only purpose of social media. Here, a brand nurtures the relationship with its stakeholders and builds a strong persona of a caring and empathetic nature. Interaction in comments, stories, and direct messages creates an exciting rapport with the target audience. Social media is also an excellent measure to resolve consumer grievances. This way, a consumer develops a habit of turning to social media for any inconvenience.

Paid Marketing Is The Only Option

Undoubtedly, paid marketing is an excellent route to having prosperous social media. However, it does not rule out the effect of organic potential. Real estate has a vast field to play while creating content. Social media is highly volatile and dynamic, with newer trends every day. The use of relatable content and different formats like reels, stories, videos, etc., exceptionally boosts your reach.

Define your strategy with a predetermined audience you want to reach. Use the correct keywords in hashtags. Consistency is the key here. Have a uniform and up-to-date approach.


Tag Influential Profiles

The internet is a very amusing place to be at. In recent times, we have witnessed celebrities and brands engaging with the most quirky banters. Realtors have a fascinating opportunity to tag people who have significant numbers on their followers list. So what is the point? If the brand responds, it creates a unique possibility of scaled engagement. Additionally, if the content is relevant to the brand or the persona, tagging them is a subconscious conviction of associating with an impressionable personality. Concerning real estate, interviews, quotes, insights, news or predictions from impressionable individuals may lead to a retweet or a repost which is big news for a realtor's marketing team.

Stay Consistent

The digital space is crowded with brands competing fiercely for ad space, leads, and eventually, consumer attention. One of the primary reasons to stay active on social media is to be visible. Which also translates to having an effective SEO. Another reason why a persistent approach is crucial is brand credibility. A disciplined, structured and strategic source makes you a viable option for information in your business. Moreover, being available ensures you address the angle of customer support with timely response and speedy solutions. Not only for your customers, but an online presence can also help you engage with like-minded personalities in your niche to network and expand your list of contacts.

Reach Out To Influencers

Influencer marketing is a viable strategy today. The demographic, including millennials and young adults, follow various influencers across genres. With the recent wave of epiphany about gaining financial intelligence, young investors are immersed in content flowing through relevant personalities. A long-term partnership with such influencers will aid credibility, generate ROI, reach targeted audiences, and revamp your content strategy. Content from influencers is educational, entertaining and problem-solving. The odds of your reach boost up owing to a credible and favourite face narrating your story with a supportive tone. Apart from that, influencer relations help a brand explore opportunities with professional networking.

Map Performance

Regardless of the activity, tracking performance is the key to many processes and perceptions. The same is applicable and is exceptionally crucial in social media marketing. Analytics display the outcomes of a media strategy. A meticulous study of how your ideas are performing pinpoint the areas that need more work and the plans working effectively. Analytics opens the window of exploration and experimenting. Tapping performance will also reveal the most loyal customers and enable gratification. Most importantly, the performance of specific campaigns showcases what not to do as a brand that degrades the brand persona. For instance, using negative words in any communication is a red flag concerning real estate marketing since a home is an asset attached to emotions.

Social media is a great tool to amplify real estate marketing results. The only condition is to do it right. PropTech's arrival and consistent expansion is an added fuel to the real estate social media. If you are a realtor, note this information to help your overall digital presence.

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