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The Role Of Real Estate Video Marketing Services In Generating Qualified Leads For Realtors

Posted on 7 June, 2022

Video marketing is by far the most favourite marketing route for most marketers today. Videos are one of the numerous informative tools to deliver the message...

The Role Of Real Estate Video Marketing Services In Generating Qualified Leads For Realtors

Video marketing is by far the most favourite marketing route for most marketers today. Videos are one of the numerous informative tools to deliver the message. It is pretty simple to understand. A video becomes the most negotiable communication instrument with experience, visual, and responsive attributes. Regarding real estate, video marketing is just the most desirable boon. A picture speaks a thousand words, and for a property market, it speaks a million. There is an endless ocean of possibilities that will revamp your communication strategy when executed wisely. Here are a few of the traits of video marketing that will undoubtedly enhance the lead generation process in real estate.

High Rate Of Social Sharing

A survey from Forrester Research claims that a minute of video that surfaces online is equivalent to anywhere near 1.8 million words. The statement is enough to convey the potential, impact, and outcome that a video creates. It is justified enough. A manual approach to reading up on a piece of information will take way more effort than watching a short clip. On every digital platform, billions of videos are shared every day. They have the highest sharing rate in the digital ecosystem. Real estate video marketing services offer content like aerial views of townships, connectivity graphics for geographical visualisation, a 3D virtual experience for the most minute detail of the infrastructure, customer testimonials, listicles, etc. When viewers enjoy and derive utility from these impactful videos, they share it, and your market increases with each new share. This way, real estate video marketing services create an unprecedented number of qualified leads.

Promises Credibility

Compare the influence of a written review from a user on an online portal of your real estate developer to the video testimonial for the same. Indeed, the latter emerges with heavy odds. A face with expressions and appeal is more effective than some random text written with no evidence of authenticity. A video develops credibility by leveraging the emotions that it can convey and access. Video marketing enables the developers to exhibit authenticity using professional videography. Real estate is a big purchase, one in a lifetime for many. A profoundly rooted trust factor is incredibly vital for buyers to engage with the said developer. As per Forbes, conversion rates can climb by as much as 80% when videos are incorporated into landing pages. And After watching a video on a product, 64% of buyers are more likely to purchase it online.

Effortless + Explanatory

Videos are one of those mediums that do not expect the viewers to put in a lot of effort. There is a massive range in addition to testimonials like How to Dos, explanatory videos, or demo visuals. The only job for a user is to click and watch. Today, the short video format is gaining momentum, and they take minimal time to deliver on-point information. Furthermore, educational videos are a few that make the viewers feel understood and looked after. Real estate experiences genuine leads generated from explainer and demo videos because the industry is flooded with complicated jargon and processes that stakeholders need help with. Here easy and self-explanatory videos resolve problems and attract quality leads. Forbes says, one-third of everyone surfing online spends their time watching videos of diverse kinds. When added with animation and graphics, a video performs much better. Real estate video marketing services equip a brand with everything necessary to present a property in the best way possible.

Helps With Search Rankings

Keywords are excellent ammunition for indexing results. However, search engines have started tapping the relevant form of content to match a search result that the user is looking for and is also enticing. YouTube is on the top of google search results for the same reasons. The idea behind real estate video marketing services optimising one's SEO is the quality of content. 70% of the 100 search results visible on google are video results. The algorithm shift is based on what the viewers are opting for and the format of content that gets things done. For instance, if you are looking up the process of filling up a registration form or how to measure a carpet area, you are very likely to land video search results.

Videos Are Available Everywhere

The adaptability of videos is one of the most significant reasons it is the new normal. The most handy device is the mobile phone, where any format of videos is easily accessible. In recent decades, computer usage for such content has drastically dropped due to the effectiveness of smaller devices. Consequently, there is more engagement leading to quality results. Several strategists agree that video is an excellent lead generating strategy. Video has been beneficial for generating leads for 86% of video marketers, up 2% from 2021 and 5% since 2019. According to YouTube, mobile video consumption grows by 100% every year. Video ads now account for more than 35% of all ad spending online.

Optimised Email Marketing

Email is one of the most discarded forms of communication by the receiver. Expecting a viewer to open the email and read it is unrealistic, at least in 2022. Here, attaching a video can get things done. A video in an email boosts the click-through rate by 200 to 300%. Otherwise, the email text is a hectic reality bound to result in your portal being unsubscribed. Writing a long story about your estate's amenities can never beat a clip of quick glimpses of each offer.

Video marketing is the way of intuitive imagination that finds the best ways possible to deliver a message to your audience. Spending money on video marketing is one of the best choices for marketers to create a hard-hitting impact. If you are a real estate developer and you are looking for a robust framework to boost your qualified lead bank, adopt a real estate video marketing service today!

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