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TimeOut 72, our most socially successful symphony

Posted on 09 March, 2019

In India, there are many facts that hold importance in the minds of the people who reside within the nation. However, there is one undeniable truth that every person can vouch for, i.e. music and Bollywood have gone hand in hand ever since the start of the film industry many decades ago. Since TimeOut 72 was the latest entry in the long list of music-centric events that have taken place till date, we at Insomniacs believed the time had arrived to experiment with a new formula altogether. However, a few pressing matters had made their presence clear to all of us; how does one reach out to the heart of millions across the country? How does one create and curate an event that is so massive in proportion, it would be deemed as the biggest event of the year?

TimeOut 72, our most socially successful symphony

Turns out, we didn’t actually have the answers we needed on the spot. Talk about a plot twist, right? Don’t worry, we possessed in our arsenal something much better. We had the creative masterminds of the modern age working with us at Insomniacs. Here, our mission was simple. Seeing as how we have always possessed a certain sense of dramatic flair, we came with a unique cocktail that would consist of three key ingredients necessary to create a success story, i.e. Create, Collaborate and Conquer. Hence, our journey with TimeOut 72 began with a bang.

This is where we began creating our unique flavour. To start off with, TimeOut 72 was the only music festival in all of India that had been granted with a license to party in Goa. Such an outcome was only inevitable, famed music artists Jason Derulo and Wiz Khalifa were confirmed to be the headliners of the fest, not forgetting the #1 DJ in the world, i.e. Martin Garrix. For such an extravagant event, we decided to pull out all the stops necessary. Extensive research into the music scenes of the world was a mandate for each and every team member involved in the workings of the event. With the help of our design experts for the creation of the logo to the sound advise of our strategic planners for the communication plan, we created the world of TimeOut 72, a solar system of diverse music like never experienced before. Our goal was set; we were determined to introduce India to the biggest stage production that it had ever seen.

Over in the digital world, we spread our influence across platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, reaching out to thousands of music lovers present across the digital space while bringing a taste of what TimeOut 72 had to offer to their doorsteps. In fact, our first mainstage teaser video itself received over a million impressions, a sure sign of the good times to come. Over in the technical aspect of our operation, we were able to find our perfect audience thanks to the analysis of their sociographic behaviour on social networking platforms. Every artist who signed up to perform at the main event was revealed to the aforementioned audience through the publisher network with the help of our very own native advertisements. Across our prime inventories, we were able to increase the web footfall by 220% through the engagement of our Google Display Ads. Across the search network, vacationers who were on the lookout for events to attend in the region of Goa were targeted by our experts, helping us redirect eyeballs in the right direction. Our social media experts also ensured that the acquisition strategy utilized was one that would have the backing of a strong remarketing game.

Next, we began collaborating the right kind of ingredients that would make up the perfect cocktail, those ingredients being an event that went live for 72 hours, filled with diverse genres of music that would hold its merit as an experience of a lifetime. Seemed like the kind of components one would find in a dream, right? We believe our audience was of the exact same mindset. However, we weren’t done just yet. What is the best way to get your audience hyped up for an upcoming event? You give them even more content to tease and entice them, and that’s exactly what we did. In collaboration with Facebook, we conducted live one-on-one sessions with the international artists themselves, giving the audience a better glimpse of what was in store for them. Word of what was going down spread like a Twitter trend across the digital space. Social media influencers and editorials were just a few in the long line of many who joined our bandwagon. Right then and there, we knew; the madness had just begun. The key to it all? We just happened to have been present in the right place at exactly the right moment. Foresight or divination rituals? We’ll leave the guesswork up to you.

What did all of our efforts result in? The most epic kind of conquest to have ever taken place. In just three months, we gained over 1 lakh followers on TimeOut 72’s Facebook handle, with Instagram followers hitting the 11K benchmark. Over on Twitter and Snapchat, #TimeOut72 was one of the top trends that made an impression across their respective audiences. Thanks to the activities of our social media experts, 69% of the early bird passes were sold on the same day as the opening of the window, helping the event record a total ROI of 20X. In total, 80,000 music fans attending the three-day event, chanting along to the lyrics of all their favourite songs. The event itself was covered live on social media, with 10,000 people worldwide sharing in all the exciting moments from behind their screens. At the end of it all, TimeOut 72 wasn’t just remembered as another music festival. It went down in the books of history as a musical movement.

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