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Top 5 ways to get good engagement on Social Media

Posted on 7 August, 2018

The world is round. It remains a fact. But not the world of Social Media. This world can turn into a bunch of shapes and its size is ever increasing. But one thing remains the same in the real world and the world of social media: your uniqueness distinguishes you from the others.

Top 5 ways to get good engagement on Social Media

Therefore, being a bullhorn will do you no good. To get people to like, share, comment and retweet, you will need to do only one thing: be engaging. And to be engaging, you need to be unique as well.

Here are a few tips to truly engage your users online, build a trusted community and increment your sales via engagement on social media:

  1. Know your audience

    It is essential that you know your target audience and their behaviour pattern across various social media platforms. The audience analysis you conduct helps you decipher which content topics your audience is interested in, and in which format do they like it served.

    Aligning your goals with user interests will give you an upper hand over competitors, and crafting strategies accordingly will help you make better use of your resources.

  2. Don’t bombard, talk

    Don’t know how to strike a conversation on Facebook or Twitter? Well, follow the three C’s: keep your tone conversational, be creative with your copy and be concise.

    Moreover, don’t just bombard users with your products and services. Don’t drown them with excessive data either. Write copies that grab eyeballs and visuals and images that arrest users attention.

    Team up your efforts by sharing value-adding content on various forums and groups. People always look for solutions and knowledge. Creating your own page or group is a plus ten. Also, don’t forget to give a thumbs up to other brands too and share their content, if relevant.

  3. There is no harm in asking

    Why not do an Ask Me Anything (AMA) with your followers? Asking questions or holding an interactive Q&A on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc. can fetch you brownie points. Customers love when you ask them for suggestions and you may even stumble upon an insight that may hike your brands appeal.

    People like to voice their opinions. Ask for their reviews and feedbacks. A good review can boost your morale, bad ones will teach you where to improve. Also, you can ask audiences to convey what they feel about your brand via emojis, the trendiest thing in town.

  4. Interactive visual content

    Multimedia helps. Images, videos, graphics and visuals carry forward the banner of your brand to the reader’s eye among the sea of other brands fighting for attention. Asking users to caption images or share images for a particular contest can earn you valuable engagement.

    Harness the power of Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat to tell your brand’s story via images. The recently launched IG TV throws open to you a plethora of activities to undertake to communicate with your audiences.

    If your brand is into real estate, then 360° videos can increase engagement levels swiftly. Various brands can choose different multimedia to create an engaging environment.

  5. Reward

    Who does not like freebies?! Conducting contests and giveaways can earn merit for your brand, also enhancing the engagement level and recognition for the same.

    Ask people to share their favourite memory with your product. Or simply ask them to answer a simple question related to your brand. Rewarding customers makes them more active, reaps you positive reviews, initiates engagement between various users and allows your brand to connect with more people.

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