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Web Design And Development

Posted on 08 September, 2018

Web design and development encompasses many different skills and disciplines. It involves implementing specific solutions that follow the business rules and objectives outlined by the client. It is generally a team effort with each member having their own own strengths, specialties and role in the development process as it sometimes become difficult for a single person to excel in all aspects.

Web Design And Development

Web Designers not only develops a website from scratch but also develop a professional relationship with their clients, so their clients can make a better relationship with their consumers. They interact with them in order to develop a deep understanding of their requirements and convert them into a website specification. Communication skills, a strong design, certain research techniques and a correct understanding of target audiences, markets and trends ensure initial client satisfaction and credibility for the Web Designer. Followed by website planning and design, the Web Designer then integrates the website with third party tools and platforms. It is in the development process that the web designers design and develop the databases, create programs, tests and debug the website. According to the current trend they also integrate the website with various social media platforms, taking advantage of the leverage these modern platforms offer.

But, like it is said that first impression matters the most, same goes for web designing also. It is not just about planning, designing and developing a website. It is also about creating an impactful first impression and user friendly interface. But, as a designer, one also needs to focus on ethics, diversity, and inclusion – before aesthetics and screens. Here are a few things you should keep in mind that will help you nail the art of web designing and development.


Some of the most user-friendly applications are the ones which strive to simplify a user’s journey. The most important part is to reduce the number of steps that users require to take in order to achieve their end goal. Easy-to-use format and a smooth navigation flow keep the happy and satisfied. One of the steps to achieve this is by creating a structured journey that comprises of an established layout for beginning-middle-end points. Such kind of designing enables the user to do one action at each point in their journey, keeping the flow consistent. If your website contains a lot of information, it’s always advisable to consider a progressive disclosure technique. This technique makes information visible only when a user needs it and enhances the user experience even further. As a result, viewers aren’t bombarded with information or distracted by content that is irrelevant to them. You can even follow a context-based information technique that is displaying the information specific to the user.

Consider content is king

Offering a properly organized content that emphasizes on the recent trends and eliminates unnecessary distractions appeals to your users the most. The key is to shine the spotlight on what is truly relevant and nothing else. For creating content-centered experiences all you need to do is highlight the content or else create one that frames a beautiful design. Make sure that there is nothing obstructing a user’s exposure to your website. As a web designer you should always remove the excessive visible clutter. This helps the users to concentrate on the essence of the message being conveyed.

One visual feature that can help present the content effectively includes precise visual order. This feature makes use of powerful visual signals like dissimilar colors for call-to-action links to guide a user’s focus on your website. Another such feature is operative decluttering. It focuses on eliminating irrelevant and useless details and results in magnifying important information, creating a more concerned experience. You can even increase the space in the content. This will allow your users to breathe and would dramatically enhance their overall experience.

There are many techniques that can be followed to enhance web designing and development even further, delivering the best user experience.

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