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What Are Google Search Ads & How Can We Optimise Them?

Posted on 18 January, 2021

Google is the golden standard when it comes to search engines. Every search engine website is striving to become Google. This makes Google the best place for businesses to invest their money in. Google is well aware of the position they are in and are helping businesses grow using the position they hold in the market. Google is not only prominent on computers but google has optimized its website to be user friendly across every device. These devices range from your computer to your music player if it has internet connectivity and a browser. This gives businesses a chance to market their product to a very huge crowd even those who are not particularly tech-savvy.

What Are Google Search Ads & How Can We Optimise Them?

Google who is at the pinnacle can be seen providing businesses with 2 forms of digital marketing. These services that Google offers are organic rankings and paid to rank. Organic helps you drive traffic to your website organically with the use of good content and user-friendly websites. The paid ranking is usually targeted at people who have strong intentions of buying your product. When you run a paid advertisement you pay the search engine to display your website to the user looking to buy products. So what are search ads? Let us have a look.

The businesses that pay search engines to rank them at the top of the search engine results even above the results that made it to the top organically are known as search ads. Search ads are more popular now than ever before because organically reaching the top of the search result has become very competitive. You might be surprised to see just how many businesses pay Google to help them reach the top. There are many SEM Companies in Mumbai which helps to optimise. The revenue generated by Google ads is 70% of their total income. Knowing Google this is a huge sum of money that they from just 1 asset i.e. Google ads. So how do we optimize search ads?

1. Keyword optimization.

Researching keywords is important for both paid and organic strategies. Your keyword should target the user’s intent as much as possible. Every ad group that you create will be targeting a small set of keywords and Google will rank you on those keywords. Hence knowing what keyword to target becomes very important.

2. Making your landing page relevant.

The landing page of your website should be relevant as that is where the users will take necessary action. Your PPC campaign would be useless if your landing page is irrelevant to what they were looking for. So what can you do to make their experience more relevant? Use compelling titles, have a good description, have visual aids. These are something that can help you.

3. Use relevant ad extensions.

Your customers don’t care how you got to the top of the search results. The only thing that they care about is your advertisement. So the extension that you use is a big part of that as well. Ad extensions expand your ad with relevant information. This helps your customers to click on your website confidently and helps you improve your website’s click-through rate.

4. Budget optimization.

When you create a search ad you can also decide how much money Google can spend to display your advertisements to your target audience. You can use keyword planner to help you plan your budget and run your search ad effectively.

5. Ad copy optimization.

You are limited as Google offers limited characters which you would be using to convince the user to come and check out your website or to buy products. This makes it very important for you to land your first impression right on your clients. You need to get the maximum from those limited words that you have to convert your leads.

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