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What Are SEO Friendly URLs & How Can It Enhance SEO Rankings?

Posted on 29 July, 2020

SEO services in Mumbai will often talk about the importance of URL when it comes to SEO. A good URL is not only important for SEO but also user experience. URL or Universal Resource Locator helps the user find the site or related sites using a search engine. URLs help describe a web page to search engines and potential visitors, meaning they should be accurate, enticing, and well-structured. Let us see how to create SEO friendly URLs and enhance your SEO ranking.

What Are SEO Friendly URLs & How Can It Enhance SEO Rankings?

1. Use keywords in the URL.

A good practice for an SEO agency in Mumbai is to include the keyword in the URL. It is important to put the most important keyword at the start of the URL. Search engine bots don’t give importance to words that are down or towards the end of the URL. Search engines also understand when you are stuffing as many words as possible in the URL so you mustn’t stuff the URL with words rather use an important keyword and keep it simple. The search engine could penalize your website for overstuffing the URL.

2. Make your URL future proof.

One of the biggest mistakes you could make with a URL is making them for short use. SEO Company in Mumbai makes sure the URL they create for you will be useful for you in the long run. The longer you stay on top of search results the longer your site will benefit from the traffic it gets. SEO services in Mumbai create a site-wide hierarchy that will help the user get to the product more easily. Not future-proofing your website will force you to use patch-work and weird pathways for the user to reach a similar product.

3. Bring a different version of your website under one roof.

Traditionally a website has 2 forms, one with the WWW and others without the WWW. The website can further have 2 more forms each that is a website with HTTP and a website with HTTPS. Search engines give more preference to the website that has HTTPS. Most SEO services in Mumbai use the 301 redirect to point one version of their site to the other. Usage of 301 redirect tells the website has permanently moved to a different location.

4. Make use of canonical tags.

A canonical tag is a code used by SEO services in Mumbai that helps you keep track of different versions of the same page. When you have multiple versions of the same page you can add a canonical tag and let the search engine know which page you prefer. However canonical tags shouldn’t be used to redirect, canonical tags only help the search engine to know the canon URL. You should use a redirect for redirection. Canonical tags are very useful for everyone but it is more useful to online retailers.

5. Use hyphens to separate words.

SEO agencies in Mumbai use hyphens to separate words as it is important for both readability and SEO. Search engines recommend using a hyphen (-) rather than underscores (_), hyphens are treated as spaces whereas underscores are treated as a continuation of word making the whole URL appear as 1 word.

6. Stick to lowercase.

When creating the URL stick to lower cases as the search engine can differentiate between upper and lower cases. Using different cases for the link can cause you to get duplicate links which will in return hurt your search ranking.

Following these pieces of advice makes your website easier to reach. SEO services in Mumbai use these tricks so that the search engine finds your content easily and can serve it to the public. Using SEO friendly URLs help the whole website easier to read, type, and remember which will in turn help you have better reach and make your website ranking improve.

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