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Why Use Negative Keywords in Google Adwords?

Posted on 20 July, 2019

Keywords inform Google AdWords when your ads should appear in the search results. Negative keywords, however, inform Adwords when not to show your ads. Keywords basically reveal what a searcher is searching for. For example, someone searching for ' Best Italian restaurant near me' is looking out for a good restaurant to have food and that too soon. However, someone searching for ' best Italian food ingredients' is likely making Italian food at home. So if your keyword is 'Best Italian', your ad will appear to both of these people. A nearby Italian restaurant would probably want the first person and a grocery store would probably want the second person. Therefore entering negative keyword in your ad campaign is important.

Why Use Negative Keywords in Google Adwords?

Negative keywords let you prohibit search terms from your campaigns and help you focus on just the keywords that are important to your clients. Better focusing on can put your ad before intrigued users and increment your return on investment (ROI). When choosing negative keywords for search campaigns, search for pursuit terms that are like your keywords, however, might cater to customers searching for a different product altogether.

Types of negative keywords

Negative broad match

For negative broad match keywords, your ads will not appear in the search containing all your negative keywords, even if they are not in the same order. The ad will still appear if the search contains a few of your keywords. Negative broad match is the default for your negative keywords.

Negative phrase match

For negative phrase match keywords, if the search contains the exact keyword terms in the same order as given by the user then your ad won't appear. The search might contain additional words, as long as all keywords terms are there in the same order the ad won't appear.

Negative exact match

If the search contains the exact keyword terms in the same order without extra words, your ad won't appear for negative exact match keywords. Your ad may appear if the search contains additional words apart from the keyword terms.

Negative keywords help you save money by getting rid of irrelevant keywords. One keyword alone probably won't have a great deal of effect on your campaigns and results. In any case, when you list down the relevant keywords for your campaigns, you'll begin to see things, for example, higher click-through rates, lower spends, and higher conversions. Negative keywords likewise enable you to expand your precision and focus on your clients even better. Obviously, you could simply utilize a list of exact match keyword phrases yet simply consider every one of the keywords you could be missing up! It's considerably more effective to reveal to Google what you would prefer not to be appeared for as opposed to posting each unique keyword you would like to appear for. Negative keywords are the most important part of any successful PPC campaigns as they stop the adverts from appearing when the user's search query includes the terms which are not relevant to your ad.

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