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Why Youtube Advertising Is Important For Your Brand

Posted on 28 September, 2018

As more of us spend time watching Youtube videos, streaming services and recorded TV instead of live television, YouTube has become an extremely important component of digital marketing. Youtube has been a hub for viewers and creators alike; providing endless hours of content for casual watchers and a sense of community for regulars and contributors.

Why Youtube Advertising Is Important For Your Brand

Videos are an important part of the purchasing process, and consumers look to YouTube now more than ever to find out about products and services they may have stumbled across from another form of advertising; looking for more details before making the final decision. Youtube ads can range from standard, pre-video advertisements that are skippable after 5 seconds, to banner and overlay ads, to integrated creative content ranging from eye-catching viral pieces to Youtube personality collaborations like product hauls and reviews.

Coming to the point, is youtube advertising important for your business?

Here are a few reasons why the answer is a big YES.

  • Popularize your product: If your business is trying to get into a new market with a particular product, you can simply make a video of the product working and show the benefits that the product has. If done in a creative manner, you will soon find that there will be many people liking your video and going for your product.
  • Get feedback: You can use YouTube even if you are not completely ready with your product. It can be a great tool to figure out the response that the product might get. You simply have to put up the video of your prototype. With over 500 million active users, there is no better place to get reviews about your product.
  • Sharing made easy: As a young business setup, you may have people located at remote locations. It might not be possible for you to share all the material with them. YouTube can be a great way to share video presentations or something similar with these remote employees.
  • Simplify tasks: For businesses that often get client calls regarding problems with the product, YouTube can be a lifesaver. You might not have a workforce to cater to all these problems. In that case, you can simply make a video with systematic details and share it on YouTube so the users can access it.
  • Increase your Brand Visibility: If you are unable to make a video regarding your business due to time constraints or lack of good content, then there are other methods. You can simply go, rate and comment on relevant videos. You can also share some good videos on your channel. Simply by doing this, you are making your brand more visible and communicating with other users.
  • YouTube Insight: Once you have your video on YouTube, comments are not the only way to analyze them. In addition to comments and ratings, there is an Insight feature also available on YouTube. This is a reporting function, which provides you with statistical data regarding the people visiting your video. This is helpful as you can figure out whether your campaign is actually working or not and make changes accordingly.
  • Increase your site’s traffic: YouTube also allows you to insert links into your videos. By doing this you can channel traffic from your YouTube video to your own site. Search engines also index these videos, and video results are comparatively lesser than text results. This increases the chances of a person finding your business video through a search.
  • Save Money: One of the most important factors in any marketing campaign is money. Conventional methods like advertising on television or newspaper require a lot of money, but YouTube allows you to upload your videos completely free. From setting up your channel to analyzing the traffic on your video, it costs you nothing.
  • YouTube Ads: With such a huge number of views everyday YouTube is one site where you would definitely want to run an ad campaign. You have multiple options available when it comes to the kind of advertising campaign you want to run. You can use one of the several marketing programs or you can use the video target tool to place your ads.
  • Know Where You Stand: With so many advertisers on YouTube, the competition is stiff. To be successful, you need to understand how your target audience behaves and how you stack up against your competitors so that you can put your ad rupees in the right buckets. Being purposeful with the devices your ads display on and who’s receiving them will also help your rupees go farther.

YouTube ads can be targeted to specific demographics, just like with any digital marketing initiative. When you narrow down your target to users who would most likely use your product or service, a user is already in the process of looking for similar videos and able to make the connection. This is where remarketing in the form of video overlays and suggested videos becomes important as it reinforces previous encounters with a brand, creating familiarity and eventually, brand loyalty. Your content should be reflective of the information you think is the most important. If your brand is focused on practicality, tutorials and engaging how-to videos work. For brands closely linked to a particular emotional response or lifestyle, creative video pieces that tell a related story have the potential to go viral; becoming the perfect conversation piece and introduction to your brand.

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