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Ideation & Content Creation / Lead Generation / Reinventing the image of the Club for its premium members


Adani Realty is the real-estate arm of India’s one of the leading infrastructure and development entity - Adani Group. With its commitment to ‘Nation Building’ and ‘Growth with Goodness’, Adani Realty is developing real estate projects in India’s most promising destinations, integrating the finest design aesthetics with cutting-edge construction technology. The company till now has developed close to 12.07 Lac sq. mtrs. (saleable area) and has close to 8.63 Lac sq. mtrs. (saleable area) of real estate space under development which includes residential, commercial and social club projects across Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune & Gurugram.

Case Studies


One of the difficult challenges that the brand faced was the issue of selling a luxury lifestyle, which meant limiting their reach to a very specific and exclusive target group. Once the Belvedere Golf and Country Club was set up, the brand created a very basic website that had no attractive appeal whatsoever, thereby dissuading potential customers from reaching out to the brand to apply for membership.

Even though the brand had created a website for its club, they had not established any presence over social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Since their reach to potential customers was limited to a geographical basis, Adani Shantigram was unable to get customers to avail of their membership offers. The brand was underperforming in terms of roping in customers to avail of their membership offers both on the field and digitally.


We came up with a set of creatives revolving around a vector design that gave a unique feel to the page while maintaining the fact that the Belvedere Golf and Country Club was an elite club.

We put heavy emphasis on the fact that the Belvedere Golf and Country Club wasn’t like any ordinary luxury club, it was an elite club that comprised the most premium members.

We created digital assets in the form of regularly released creatives along with a personalized hashtag, i.e. #TBGCC to give the brand an identity.

With all the efforts we put in, we were able to generate a sufficient amount of leads for the brand, thereby increasing the number of membership sales.


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