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By leaving its indelible mark on all asset classes, The Prestige Group has solidly established itself as one of India's top and most successful real estate developers. An advancement was established in 1986 as a result of CMD Irfan Razack's inspiration and the leadership of his brothers Rezwan and Noaman Razack.

Over time, the company has diversified into a variety of related/non-related services, each of which is led by a skilled individual. Interior design by Morph Design Company (MDC) and the redefinition of elegance and suave in men's formal dressing by Prestige Fashions (P) Ltd are two examples of services. They are also the only developers in South India with such a diverse portfolio that includes residential, commercial, retail, leisure, and hospitality properties.

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The core intent behind the MyPrestige application is to address the following challenges faced by the Prestige Brand:

1. Simplify the dissemination of post-sales information with existing customers.

2. Amplify brand loyalty and engagement

3. Ensuring timely collection of payments from all the clients

4. Seamless and transparent referral lead generation and reward system.


My Prestige App opens up a completely personalized and unique way of driving referral lead generation by amplifying engagement with the existing customer base. With this application, the Prestige brand and its customers can now interact with each and every aspect of post-sales. Be it construction updates, documentation center, demand letter or online payments. Customers of Prestige now don't have to lift a finger to know what's happening with their future homes.



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