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For centuries, land has held many titles. That of an asset. That of pride. A legacy. An investment. A piece of earth that the privileged own. With the passage of time, land became frail with all the challenges, risks, red tape, and tedious processes attached to it. It's true power only made it to the hands of the few.

But at The House of Abhinandan Lodha, we united to build a consumer tech brand that could harness land’s finest potential and free it for the world to claim. As a democratized, revitalized, organized, accessible asset for all. Curated to the last leg of its detail, to hand you not just an investment that is worthy of your portfolio but a future that secures the generations ahead of you with a digitally empowered asset that’s easy to maintain.

Case Studies


1. Creating awareness about their new launch - sea-side branded land plots.

2. The location is very far from Mumbai and Pune and not very popular as well. Making the audience familiarised with Anjarle as an upcoming location for second homes and as an investment opportunity.

3. Generating qualified leads to achieve the target inventory to be sold via digital channels.

4. After their project named TomorrowLand launched in Dapoli, it was a challenge to get more genuine buyers as a set of the audience was already exhausted. We were required to reach out to a bigger set of audience with similar tastes who would end up making the purchase.


1. Awareness campaigns were run with communication that did not reveal the project name but the price and location were mentioned to create.

2. Once the word was out there, in a few days the performance campaigns were made active to make sure the leads started flowing in.

3. Various strategies were implemented that included a selection of channels that would help us reach the most relevant target audience along with crisp communication.

4. The target audience was divided into various buckets based on the location, interests, demographics, and objective of the purchase. This helped us in focusing on different sets of people and scale the campaigns with the targeting that was performing well.

5. The leads were nurtured at various touch points down the funnel with a different set of communication for each touch point.
Technology also played a crucial role when it came to real-time optimization of the campaigns and judging the performance that helped us make judicious decisions.

6. With the help of Marketing Signal, we were able to make use of offline conversion APIs (CAPI) for Meta and Google which helped us improve the quality of the leads generated and thus obtain a low customer acquisition cost.

7. Using the right mix of marketing and technology was the clear choice for us to go beyond our targets.



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