Ajmera Group

Company Ajmera Group
Work Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Microsite Design and Development


Having established itself over 49 years ago, Ajmera Group is recognized as one of India’s leading Real Estate companies. The reach and interest of the Ajmera Group has only grown with time and has extended to other realms, such as solar power, sports, vaults security, cement and social welfare. The company now has a strong presence in and around Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot and Bangalore as well as an international project in Bahrain. Quality, innovative construction technology, comfort, aesthetic appeal and maximum value for money are a few attributes that enrich Ajmera with the belief that people have entrusted to them.


Even though the brand has been present in the industry for almost 5 decades, they maintained a minimal amount of presence over social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The brand was in need of a set of digital assets which would have enabled them to advertise about their projects over digital media.

The brand was facing a critical issue of having very low site visits for their projects.

The amount of leads that were coming in through Ajmera Group’s previous lead generation campaigns weren’t qualified as per the necessary requirements.

The brand wanted to launch a campaign that highlighted their delivery commitment of 1150 homes to 1150 families during the festive season in the form of TVCs and online content.


After a proper analysis and study in order to understand what the brand needed to generate results, we came up with the following strategies to aid them in their success.

  • We generated content in the form of creatives and based on the 1150 delivery campaign which was spread across all social networking platforms, thereby enhancing their digital presence
  • We activated advertisements over various advertising platforms in order to secure improved leads for the brand’s projects.
  • We provided heavy emphasis over the projects that Ajmera Group offered, thereby taking the correct steps to attract the right audience. In this case, we created videos that highlighted the aerial views of the projects
  • We generated content related to the legacy that Ajmera Group stood for, thereby bringing to light the history that they created with their initiatives.


More than 4000 enquiries came forward as a result of the content that we shared with regards to 6 projects that belong to Ajmera Group. Out of those enquiries, more than 20 bookings for a new home were made across the projects.

Thanks to the right tactics, the Cost per Lead came down by 50%.