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ALLGOODSCENTS is the first contemporary perfume house of India. ALL GOOD SCENTS is a contemporary perfume brand launched in India, where the fragrances are created in France. Rajiv Sheth the founder is a perfumery expert with almost two decades of experience. ALLGOODSCENTS brings a Premium range of Perfumes for Men & Women which includes – Rockstar, Urbane Nights, Arise, Evoke, Lolette and Love & Joy. There is also an Essentials range for Him & Her which consists of Smooth, Free, Cool, Alive, Radiant, Flirty, Tender and Chic.



ALLGOODSCENTS had quality perfumes but they were not available in the stores. They were an online retail brand and this made it very difficult for Insomniacs to sell an experience-based product online. Perfume is such a product which requires the first-hand experience of the customers. So selling the essence of the fragrance was the only way we could have created a market for ourselves.

Since it was a start-up, the funds had to be invested intelligently which allowed optimum utilization.


What We Did?

We started off with tracing the journey of each and every fragrance, starting with the premium range. Visually we were enticing our customers with the elements of the fragrance, thereby creating an imagery of the nature of the fragrance, in the minds of the customers.

This was followed by an asset called #TakeADeepBreadth for ALLGOODSCENTS. This asset was our take to bring on the element of humor fused with current events. We came up with rib-tickling anecdotes and positive insights which generated a lot of views.

We also introduced The SCENTBOX™, where the customers could order for three testers of their choice of fragrance, and if they bought a fragrance then the Tester was given for free.


After nights of brainstorming, we came up to the conclusion that no two people have similar likes. And the perfume a person wears, tells a lot about the person’s personality. So it is quite likely that a person who wears Davidoff Cool Water wouldn’t wear a smoky and spicy fragrance like Old Spice. This brought us to the idea that every fragrance has a characteristic. So in order to sell the fragrances online, we decided to personify the fragrances.

All the premium fragrances from the Men and the women’s range were turned into characters. So a sensuous fragrance like EVOKE turned into the ambitious and sophisticated character called Evelyn, similarly, the extrovert Roy was influenced from the raw fragrance called ROCKSTAR.

Insomniacs ended up creating India’s first fiction blog series for ALLGOODSCENTS, where we were following the journey of these six strangers who had embarked upon a journey of self-discovery and friendship. The blog series spoke about real people and their current issues. It spoke about struggles and failures while coaxing humor and love in places.

We ran the story for two seasons and every episode was followed by a contest.

By the end of our first season, we were left with hungry readers who were throwing us inquiries about the upcoming plot twists.


  • 20,000 Visitors on our website.
  • 15,000 people readers and followers of our blog.
  • We were receiving frequent inquiries regarding the upcoming plot twist.
  • We ended up selling more than 3000 bottles.
  • More than 5600 testers were sold.