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Cinemas of Assam are the front runners for getting films created by filmmakers present in the Indian film industry out onto international platforms. The brand promotes the work of the filmmakers present within the region of Assam and distributes their films across the globe from India itself. Cinemas of Assam establishes a personal relationship with each client, understanding the challenges they face in terms of releasing their works and the revenue it requires to do the deed. The various platforms that Cinemas of Assam delivers movies across to include Netflix, Apple iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Instant Video. Since Apple iTunes is one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms, Cinemas of Assam makes sure that every filmmaker’s work reaches its audience across the world. For this very task, they have a team of professionals present in Mumbai that help out with the service.


Cinemas of Assam was in need of a website that would enable them to be there for filmmakers based in Assam in order to send their films across International platforms.


We partnered up with Goinit to take over the task of creating a website for Cinemas of Assam, coming up with a website that allowed them to reach out to potential clients. Insomniacs, along with Goinit, also had the opportunity to design the website for Cinemas of Sri Lanka and Cinemas of Bengal.