Company Edutainment
Work Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing


With its genesis in 2013, Edutainment Show has been operating every year as a media and education summit. Each year, it ushers a new theme under which it enlightens thousands of young aspirants about career opportunities in the field of design and media.

This year saw the Edutainment Show being held at two venues, in Mumbai and Delhi.


As a brand, the Edutainment Show has evolved as an answer to the scores of questions possessed by curious students wanting to make a mark into the creative and dynamic media and design industry.

Thus, it was a challenge for us to communicate the event to a niche audience: to filter out and target the appropriate audience and get them interested in the venture. However, the herculean task was to get them to the exhibition.

Moreover, we wanted to position the brand as an interactive career fair that comprised of live conferences with some of the most reputable media and design institutes in India.


We kept the tone of all our point of communication very interactive and student-friendly. And we broke down the humongous task of reaching the right target audience into small bits: in the way of creatives that quickly gave information about the several conferences and exhibitions conducted under the summit.

We pursued a steady strategy of posting these creatives on multiple digital platforms regularly, until the run up to the actual event. We communicated potential audiences through three types of communication strategies for accomplishing maximum footfalls at the summit.


The sixth edition of the Edutainment Show saw a stupendous turnout. Our digital skills lead to the media summit receiving over 1000+ footfalls digitally, whereas the overall footfall, combining both, the Mumbai and the Delhi summit, saw around 5000 footfalls.