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First Stone Development is a privately owned, Jaipur-based real estate development group with over 600,000 square feet of residential and commercial projects. The brand has a primary project called Ursa, which the brand defines as “the next level of luxury living, integrated such that you get the best of lifestyle, hospitality, clubbing, entertainment and business.”


  • The website had to be created from scratch
  • The client had no Social Media or digital presence
  • The client also wanted an increase in the number of leads


  • Insomniacs created a brand personality for Ursa online.
  • Awareness for the project was created for the project digitally, with an aim to establish the term “Ursa” as something home buyers would associate with luxury living. Ursa was a name that was unfamiliar and needed to be explained and ranked in SEO along with being identified digitally.
  • We created the client’s social media pages.
  • For the client’s project Constellos, we came up with the idea of connecting it to the concept of constellations and celestial bodies.
  • We also showcased world-class facilities and amenities of URSA.