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The Gujarat Institute of Housing and Estate Developers [GIHED] was established in 1980 as a voice of the construction industry within Gujarat. With a constant lookout over the real estate and infrastructure sector, the company has played a vital role in Ahmedabad’s current position as one of the most preferred real estate destinations in India. The collective efforts taken by GIHED for Gujarat’s growth and development changed the way the world viewed the state.


Though GIHED had been a predominant name in the market of Ahmedabad since its inception, they had a very minimal social media presence over social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

GIHED had their own website that been designed from their end. Nonetheless, they weren’t able to garner enough visits on their website from the audience as compared to other real estate firms.

Because GIHED lacked an analytics setup, they were unable to track the precise details of their website, i.e. number of visits on a regular schedule, how many of those visits resulted in the audience connecting with the brand, etc. thereby coming up with inaccurate reports.

With the absence of GIHED’s influence over social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, there weren’t many registrations from the target customers as GIHED had anticipated for, lacking in terms of lead generations as well. The company lacked digital assets through social media platforms like Hashtags, social media campaigns, etc


We came up with an initiative called #ThinkNew which was able to put GIHED into the spotlight, specifically highlighting Ahmedabad and the state of Gujarat during the beginning of the campaign.

The second phase of our work with GIHED involved rolling Advertising campaigns for the brand while coming up with a campaign to boost lead generation.

The third and final phase of the campaign began a week before the event, guaranteeing maximum re-registrations at the event. Post the event, #GIHEDGYAANI and #WitnessAtGIHED were initiated to keep the ball rolling. In total, we had over 14,000 people who were a part of the event, turning the event into a massive success.


  • We got 14,000+ registrations for the event.
  • Over 9000 people were recorded to have attended the event as well.