Jade Blue

Company Jade Blue
Work Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization


JadeBlue is a grand men’s lifestyle retail chain distinguished for their wide range of clothing and accessories exclusively crafted for the trendsetters. Being one of the largest exclusive menswear stores in India, the brand offers only the finest of men’s formals, casuals, ethnic wear, professional outfitting, occasion wear brands, customized designs, fabrics, and accessories.


Even though the brand had been present in the market since 1995, establishing its own set of clients, they had no presence over social networking platforms thereby limiting their reach to merely a geographic basis.

JadeBlue had a minimal presence over social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, thereby creating an absence of online presence and reach. This absence was proving detrimental to the brand as they were not expanding beyond their store.

The brand was not able to extend its reach beyond the radius of the store placed in the area, curbing its presence from spreading to nearby towns.

Though the company was doing well in terms of sales for its product, it was underperforming in the task of generating sales through their online portal.

Due to the lack of digital presence, there was no social media engagement whatsoever between the brand and the customers, causing them to lose out on their business relationship.

JadeBlue’s website had been constructed and was running at full capacity. However, they weren’t able to rope in customers to purchase merchandise from the website, at least not in the amount they were hoping for.

The brand’s website lacked an allure to it, consisting of an average design that wasn’t updated on a regularly scheduled basis. With no webmaster to look after it, the website remained stagnant for years.

Owing to the absence of an analytics setup, the brand was not able to track the precise details of their online store, i.e. visits, sales, etc. made by their customers, hence losing out on the numbers for the reports.


The strategy that we utilized for JadeBlue resulted in brand awareness and a massive boost in sales.

We came up with a strategy to boost the sales of their most popular product that was sold to the maximum amount of customers, i.e. the Modi Kurta.

Later on, we helped them introduce their Casual Shirts and Kurta categories, increasing sales for both the sections.

Employing the best re-marketing plan that we could come up with, JadeBlue was able to spread its presence across to other cities, increasing their target audience by a huge margin.

With all those efforts, we boosted the sales of the brand from 60,000 to 3,00,000 INR, creating a great success for the brand.


  • Jade blue achieved sales worth 30 lakhs per month.
  • The overall engagement increased by 180%.
  • The visual communication and language helped in brand recall.