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Introduction started out with the intention of making sanitary pads available for purchase over a digital platform. Designed to ease the effects that the menstrual cycle has on women, also provides hygiene and hygiene related, wellness and lifestyle products designed exclusively for their targeted demographic.

Strategy originally started off as a platform where sanitary pads could be found online. We helped change their business model to include other products in their care package including lipsticks, perfumes, nail paint, creams, makeup kits, etc.

Though had a website of their own to sell their products, it was a basic design that did not sit well with their identity. Hence, we took over and redesigned the website from scratch, giving it a more attractive appeal that reflected the brand’s identity.

Since women in general purchased sanitary pads from a medical store directly, they were unaware of the features we offered. Hence, we worked hard to spread awareness about the brand and the products they had in their arsenal. We created digital assets in the form of related creatives and Hashtags, one of them being #ProudtoBleed where we showcased the fact that buying sanitary pads wasn’t meant to be a taboo and is as ordinary as purchasing items in general.